Natalie Roser Dons Tiny Bikini Bottoms

Natalie Roser took part in this year's Miami Swim Week as a model, and she shared a sneak peek of what happened on the runway with her fans. The model posted a GIF of her rocking Monica Hansen Beachwear, and so far it's been viewed over 29,000 in the first hour since it was posted.

The bikini was light pink, and the top was a classic sports-bra like cut with thin straps. The top of the bikini was eye-catching, featuring round studs. The same went for the bottoms, which had matching stud accents. They were high-waisted, and the design was reminiscent of vintage swimwear. Her hair was pulled up in a top bun that gave way to a long ponytail. She accessorized with hoop earrings, a basic necklace, and multiple bangle bracelets.

Roser gave a shout-out to Tanned Australia for her sun-kissed skin, and it's no wonder, as she's often featured on their social media feed.

Fans know that Natalie was looking forward to the shows this weekend because she's been talking about it in the captions of her posts for a couple of days now. She shared one such post yesterday which showed her mid-laugh. She wore a spandex workout outfit in two colors: light pink sports bra and white leggings. Both the top and bottom had multiple, eye-catching cutouts.

Fans are hoping for more updates from Swim Week soon, which has been going on since July 11 and will continue through July 16.

Previously, the model opened up about her Maxim cover photo shoot and revealed some personal details. She talked about what makes her feel the sexiest.

"When I get to feel like myself in a dress that I love. In my line of work I'm often wearing clothes I don't like or having my hair and make-up done in a way I feel doesn't suit me, so it's nice when I have control over what I look like," she noted.

Roser also talked about what she thinks is her best asset.

"Physically, probably my smile because I like the way I can make other people smile by showing my cheesy grin. And my positivity..."
Natalie also discussed some of the misconceptions people have about what it's really like backstage during a runway show.

"It's funny because outsiders in the industry think it's super glamorous back there when in reality it can be quite the opposite at times," she explained.