'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kelsey Wang Returns As Daisy, More Background To Be Revealed

General Hospital has put Shiloh Archer on the front burner for months now. Fans have learned all about Harmony and Carol when they entered the picture as Dawn of Day members who would never betray their fearless leader. However, they have both seen the light and have come forward to give their statements on all that Shiloh has done to manipulate and destroy people's lives. However, it all started with Daisy. She hasn't been seen for months now, but that is all about to change.

According to SheKnows Soaps, actress Kelsey Wang will be returning to her role as Daisy, the young DOD member who had been ousted from her top position in the cult and replaced by Kristina. She was last seen in April when things started to unravel after Kristina was rescued from Shiloh's clutches by Jason. As viewers remember, it basically all started with Daisy, when she was seen last September handing out flyers at Charlie's Pub. The speculations started swirling on who she was.

Daisy seemed innocent at the time. Many thought that she would end up with Kristina, but as time went on, it was obvious that she was involved in something that would become a major storyline on General Hospital.

As viewers know by now, Shiloh preyed on young people, especially girls, who are lost and vulnerable enough. He made them believe that he and his cult are the answer they are seeking. He gave them a home, advice, and comfort, all while he was really just manipulating them into doing whatever he asked of them. Daisy's back story has yet to be told, but it looks like there will be some details about her coming this week.

Wang tweeted saying that there are interesting details about Daisy's family background. She is also certain that GH fans will like what is coming.

Is she connected to someone already living in Port Charles? She could have family members around that she doesn't know about just yet. Or maybe she does. Fans are still waiting to hear more about Neil Byrne's wife and daughter, both of whom who are supposedly dead. He won't even talk about it, so it must be bad. Many thought that maybe Willow Tait would end up being his daughter, but that is not the case. Some have also wondered if Daisy is Neil's daughter.

Daisy has always been a mystery, and now it looks like more will be revealed this week. Her job at Turning Woods is still a mystery as well. She could have some personal connection to someone that has yet to surface.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.