'My 600-LB Life's' Cynthia Wells 'Feels Like A Failure' After Dramatic Weight Loss

Cynthia Wells was introduced to the world during an episode of TLC's My 600-lb Life, where she shared her struggle with morbid obesity and her weight loss journey. At the beginning of her episode in 2016, Wells weighed around 610 pounds, and by the end of her episode, she was down to 454 pounds, despite ignoring her doctor's advice, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Wells' doctor, Dr. Nowzaradan, explained that her overeating was linked to an emotional connection with food and suggested that she see a therapist after her weight loss surgery in order to obtain the best results. However, Wells decided to do things her own way and was able to lose over 100 pounds by following her own plan. In 2018, Wells appeared on a follow-up episode of the show, My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?, where she showed off even more weight loss after dropping an additional 90 pounds. By the end of that segment, Wells weighed an impressive 361 pounds and revealed she was now able to play a bigger role in the lives of the five children she was raising — three of her own and two cousins.

During the episode, Wells was able to attend her daughter's dance rehearsal, something she wasn't able to do before losing the weight. Despite her progress, it seems Wells has really been struggling lately and "feels like a failure," according to a report from Starcasm.

The reality TV star took to Facebook to vent about her current situation.

"This week has been an eye opener for me. I have gotten too comfortable with my weight loss and have lost sight of the goal. I am still fat and have a lot of way to go," she wrote. "I have been in my feelings for about 6 months because [I] look at other people's progress and feel like a failure."

"However it is still very hard to see people on the same journey for as long as me and they are at their ideal weight…I have lost all motivation and I'm struggling to find it."
Wells has been praised for her progress and encouraged to keep going by fans and well-wishers, but it seems the motivation to keep pushing and to continue toward her weight-loss goals might be something she has to find on her own.

It's possible fans may see Wells again on a second 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? episode in the future, but for now, they can watch her original episodes directly on TLC's streaming site.