Saskia Jenkins Flaunts Bikini Bod In Thong Swimsuit

Saskia Jenkins was spotted on Instagram a couple of days ago in a revealing white bikini. The post had three photos in total, with all three showing her standing at the beach. The bikini had a bandeau-style top, along with a very high-cut pair of matching bottoms. Saskia faced the camera straight on, and tugged at her bikini bottoms with her hands. She also accessorized with a couple of necklaces of varying lengths, and sported earrings too. Her eyes were closed for the shot, and she wore her hair down. The second photo was a lot like the first, including the model having her eyes closed.

On the other hand, the third photo showed Jenkins from the back, as she showed off her bare derriere. She appeared to be playing with her hair with both of her hands in the shot.

Meanwhile, the model is also keeping her fans updated through her personal social media feed. A couple of days ago, Saskia shared a risque photo. It was a heavily cropped image, which focused on her midriff and upper thighs. She wore dark colored bikini bottoms, and placed a pair of white sunglasses by her left hip. The photo had a suggestive undertone, and was liked by over 4,000 fans.

The bikini model is often seen sporting different swimwear. Six days ago, she shared a photo of herself standing in front of an array of bikinis on hangars. She stood in the foreground, rocking a white bra and high-waisted thong bottoms. This was geo-tagged in Miami Beach, Florida. The Instagram post was clearly a huge hit among her fans, as it was liked over 15,000 times.

And for fans who want to know more about the model, the good news is that she shared her typical day with Husskie.

"Just before I go in to work, or as I'm travelling to work, I have my protein smoothie which has spinach, unsweetened almond milk, vegan plant protein, one banana, and honey," she explained.

"If I am not working, or I'm really hungry – I will have quinoa, scrambled tofu, broccolini, and hummus," added the model.

And later on in the day around 6:00 pm or so, she noted the following routine.

"If I had work, I'll try and do some sort of exercise once I'm home. Either an F45 workout, personal training with @tomikahjenkins, or walk the dog/run," she said, as it appears that she stays very active all the time.