Laci Kay Somers Shakes Booty As She Struggles To Put On Tight Pants In New Video

Laci Kay Somers is known for her curvy body, and she put it to the test in a new Instagram video that's garnering a ton of views. The video showed Laci wearing a thong-cut bodysuit that was black with white trim accents. She faced her back to the camera, and was seen struggling quite a bit to try to get her super tight pants on. No wonder, considering the pants seemed to barely fit over her upper thighs. The model leaned forward and jiggled a bit here and there, as her hair fell down her back. She looked back at the camera coyly several times. Apparently it was too racy for Instagram, though, because the video was removed shortly after this post was published.

This is hardly the only revealing post from this past week, as she also shared a photo from Hawaii six days ago. The Instagram photo, which is too NSFW to share here, showed the model going braless under a white crop top. The shirt was drenched, however, leaving little to the imagination. She paired the top with a neon yellow thong-cut bikini bottom. Her hair looked drenched, as she wore it in a heavy side part. She popped her right hip for the photo, while grabbing onto the shirt with her left. The image received over 270,000 likes.

And that's not to mention her post from earlier this month, which showed her in a neon green bikini. Laci sat on the hood of a black Ferrari, and sat in such a way that the emblem fell between her legs. She gave a seductive look to the camera, and wore a denim shirt that fell down her arms. She completed the look with clear shoes. A second photo from the set showed Somers having a bit of fun, as she placed her left knee on the hood of the car and flipped off the camera. Again, this photo is too NSFW to share here, but you can check it out on Instagram.

The social media model previously opened up to Sarah Scoop about her career, including the broad misconceptions the public can have about how she makes a living.

"I consider myself a full-time influencer because I'm constantly influencing people and showcasing my personal life on a daily basis. Scheduling photo and video shoots are a lot of fun, but the 'IG Model' life isn't all it's cracked up to be," she revealed.

"There are so many fake people out there who want to be around you because you're 'social media famous.'"