Venezuelan Bikini And Fitness Model Ariana James Goes Au Naturel On Instagram And Fans Are Going Crazy

When it comes to fitness, Venezuelan model Ariana James is always on top of her game. In fact, she is one of the most celebrated fitness models in her country.

Not only she is popular in her home country, but her bikini pictures on Instagram has made her world famous, so much so that she now has 1.6 million followers on the photo-sharing website and the number seems to be steadily rising with each new post.

Although Ariana is no stranger to flaunting her amazing body on Instagram, her recent picture immediately sent temperatures soaring as she decided to bare it all.

Wearing nothing at all except for a yellow watch, the model posed while standing near some trees. She looked away from the camera and censored her breasts with the help of her arms so as not to violate Instagram’s policy on full-on nudity. The model also slightly lifted her leg up to censor her lady parts.

The stunner wore minimal makeup and let her raven-colored tresses down to pull off a very sexy look.

As understood from the picture, the photo shoot was carried out for Knock Out Watches (KO Watches) — a brand which is quite popular among Instagram models. Per the geotag, the racy picture was captured in Leticia — a city in southern Colombia famous for its Amazonian jungle tours.

Within half a day of going live, the picture amassed more than 116,000 likes and over 1,300 comments which shows that the hottie is, indeed, immensely popular on the photo-sharing website.

Commenting on the snap, one fan wrote that the sexy picture made his day, while another one confessed that he couldn’t take his eyes off Ariana’s body and has looked at the picture several times since it was posted.

A third fan wrote that he is in love with the model and would like to take her out on a date.

Prior to posting the nude picture, Ariana shared another racy snap where she could be seen wearing a very stylish animal-print bikini that accentuated her amazing body.

Per usual, she wore minimal makeup, let her hair down, raised her arms over her head and looked straight into the camera to pose for the picture.

According to an article by Fitplan, Ariana is extremely passionate about fitness and she has managed to become one of the top fitness models in her country today despite battling with hypothyroidism her entire life.

The article also mentioned that although Ariana still struggles with the condition, she has overcome many of the symptoms by changing her lifestyle.