Emily Ratajkowski Gets On Her Hands & Knees In A Tiny Blue Bikini

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski’s fans have come to know and appreciate her line of swimwear and body wear, which she offers under the brand Inamorata Woman. One of the perks of the model owning a clothing and swimwear brand is that she’s often sharing photos of herself in her own creations. And earlier today, Emily shared a new photo of herself in a bright blue bikini that’s caught the eye of her fans.

In the photo, Ratajkowski was spotted on her hands and knees at the beach. Behind her, fans could see pristine waters and a cloudy sky. Emily faced the camera and gave a pout, as she rocked a white summer hat. Viewers could see her derriere and tiny bikini bottom, as the strings from the “Las Olas” swimsuit also dangled down her waist. The model accessorized with hoop earrings and a couple of pendant necklaces.

Four days ago, Emily shared another photo of herself in what looks like the same swimsuit. Unlike the first photo, where she was spotted wearing a hat, this photo showed her posing on her knees with the waves crashing around her. She placed her hands on her head, and smiled with her lips closed. Behind her, there were several boats.

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And while Emrata’s fans have come to know and love her for her revealing posts, she often shares images of her daily outfits. But being a known celebrity, she sometimes does this by reposting pictures taken by paparazzi.

Four days ago, Emily shared a series of four photos which were geotagged in Tribeca. Her outfit was at once casual, yet elegant, as she wore black leggings, a white sports bra, and a tan blazer on top. She left the blazer unzipped, and rolled up the sleeves slightly. This Instagram update received over 559,000 likes.

The model and entrepreneur previously spoke with Byrdie about her personal and working life, and it sounded like she was a bit of a workaholic sometimes.

“I’m also one of those people who, when I’m working, it’s just like go, go, go, go, go. I put my head down, focus on work, and then when it’s over, I have two days of just doing nothing, order food, and watch bad TV. I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I really do,” she explained, giving a shout out to her Kardashian friends.

She also revealed secrets about her preferred hair style.

“What’s so funny about my hair is the truth of the matter is I’m all about a middle part and textured hair to a little past my shoulders. And I think I’ll be that way till it’s not cute anymore. Which, let’s hope that will last for a long time,” she noted.