July 13, 2019
Jax Taylor Comments On Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Marriage News Regarding Its Legality

Despite not currently being on the air, the cast of Vanderpump Rules still finds themselves in the news. Yesterday, fans of the series were shocked when Lance Bass revealed that Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz weren't legally married when speaking on the Reality Bytes podcast. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lance hinted that this could be a storyline on the upcoming season, and many were wondering why the former NSYNC member was spilling that kind of tea out of nowhere.

As fans of the show began discussing Katie and Tom's marriage on Twitter, some fans decided to reach out to other cast members to see their feelings on the matter. One user tweeted at Jax Taylor and urged him to make sure he and his new wife, Brittany Cartwright, sent their marriage documents in properly.

"Hey, make sure you and [Brittany] file your Marriage Paperwork so that you guys will be officially legally married. Heard Katie and Swartz didn't, so they've been living as Husband and Wife, but aren't official. That's crazy, and irresponsible," the user tweeted.

In true Jax fashion, he responded to the comment he didn't care for with a little bit of sass.

"That's not our business or yours," Jax shot back.

Jax's prompt shutdown of the troll could hint that Lance was correct and this will be a storyline for Season 8. Jax easily could have confirmed or denied the rumors but he left it up in the air, meaning fans will have to wait and see the true story told by Katie and Tom themselves when the show premieres.

Tom and Katie have not commented on the matter publicly at this time, but an insider to the couple spoke with The Hollywood Life, explaining that they were confused on why Lance said what he said.

"[Tom] and Katie consider themselves happily married and are surprised by this. If he's not legally married, he'd be as surprised as everyone else as they made sure their paperwork was all there," the source claimed.

Tom and Katie's marriage drama in the upcoming season could be tied to Brittany and Jax's wedding. The wedding is expected to be the big storyline of Season 8, as the two just tied the knot on June 29. The cast flooded their social media accounts with photos from the magical day, which has fans that much more excited for when they can see it all play out on their screens.

Season 8 of Vanderpump Rules is expected to air this fall.