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Here’s How To Legally Celebrate National Nude Day

Trisha Faulkner - Author

Jul. 13 2019, Updated 4:03 p.m. ET

July 14 is National Nude Day. While this doesn’t mean it is a day people can strip down to their birthday suits and run outside without going to jail for indecent exposure, it is a day to celebrate and honor both nudism and naturalism.

According to Refinery29, National Nude Day is a geared toward highlighting the misconceptions surrounding nudism, as it is not a degrading, sexual, or dangerous thing. For some people, it is simply a way of life.

“Naturism offers a unique combination of recreational activity, social engagement, healthy lifestyle, and environmental philosophy all rolled into one,” Liz Egger, author of The Complete Guide To Nudism, Naturism & Nudists, explains.

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“That’s what I call ‘lewdism,’ and it is practiced by those who are unable to separate nudity from sex. For them, nudity is just another sex aid. Real, genuine naturism, as it is practiced by millions of ordinary genuine naturists, is a natural, wholesome and refreshing remedy to the pressures of modern life,” Egger adds as she opens up about misconceptions surrounding nudism.

Naturists and nudists believe spending time in their birthday suits outdoors can be beneficial to their health. Some believe it can help decrease the risk of certain illnesses as well.

According to Egger, the best way to celebrate National Nude Day is by doing so with a friend or family member.

She continued to explain that it is easy enough for anyone to embrace baring it all while being alone. What makes nudism and naturalism so special, however, is the ability to socialize with others while lacking clothing.

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For someone who has never embraced nudism before, Egger suggests easing into it by spending a few hours naked while at home. Once a person becomes comfortable performing activities such as just wandering the house, grabbing a snack, drinking some water, and using the bathroom while nude, they can proceed to embracing nudism in public.

Refinery29 suggests looking up local nudist beaches or communities.

“This is a controlled environment, where club rules ensure that standards of hygiene and behavior are observed,” Egger explains.

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In addition to nudist resorts and beaches, nudist saunas and swim groups are another option. Individuals with private backyards can also embrace nudism without leaving home. Those not interested in the social aspect of National Nude Day can celebrate the holiday by simply spending the day around the house without clothing.

Fortunately, those who don’t have an interest in becoming a nudist can celebrate National Nude Day as a never-nude. Never-nudes can further embrace the holiday by researching the enriching history of nudism.


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