Kristinia DeBarge Bites Down On A Red Cherry In Sexy New Instagram Pic

Singer Kristinia DeBarge is busy promoting her new cosmetics line, and her photos are catching fans' attention. Her two newest photos show her posing with a red cherry. In one of the images, Kristinia was spotted wearing a scoop neck, pink shirt. The backdrop was a brighter, light pink. She wore her hair down in luxurious curls, and she posed for the camera with the cherry centimeters from her lips. Unsurprisingly, her makeup was on point, as she sported pink lipstick and metallic pink and silver eyeshadow. In addition, she wore dark mascara, which emphasized her long lashes.

DeBarge's newest photo, on the other hand, was a closeup of her face. It was cropped from her nose down, and showed her placing the cherry in her mouth. She appeared to bite down slightly on the fruit, as the pink lipstick popped in contrast to the backdrop. Her nails were also a shade of light pink, complementing her look.

And less than a week ago, Kristinia shared three photos where she rocked a completely different look. This time, she wore makeup that looked fit for a formal evening event. It consisted of a deep red lipstick, plenty of blush and dark purple eyeshadow. She wore a nude-toned halter top with silver chain straps.

In a couple of the photos, Kristinia wore a tan hat, which matched her shirt. It'll be interesting to see if she'll be releasing any more new photos in the coming weeks.

In the midst of all of the makeup promotional photos, DeBarge has also been sharing Instagram snaps from her personal life. This includes an update from June 22, which showed her posing in Paris, France. She wore a tan, long-sleeved shirt and ripped dark pants, along with what looks like a Burberry scarf.

Notably, Kristina starred on Growing Up Hip Hop in 2016 through 2018. But even with her successful career and famous family, she's dealt with bullying. She spoke about this with Parle Magazine.

"I remember crying a lot when going through [bullying]. People need to remember that everyone is not as strong."
"Everyone cannot handle that type of treatment. That person is a human being and has feelings, emotions. It's sad because young people have even taken their own lives because of bullying. Bullying actually comes in many different forms," she explained.

On the other hand, she also opened up about her family.

"I have a very fun and hilarious family and they all are very proud of me. They are very protective of my light. They tell me to protect my light and that I'm very special."