WWE News: Superstar Claims WWE ‘White-Washed’ Video Of The New Day


For years now, The New Day have stayed together and won numerous titles during their incredible run as a stable. Kofi Kingston is the current WWE Champion and the team has won tag team titles from multiple brands on numerous occasions. As the three superstars look back on their first-ever WWE Tag Team Championship victory in 2015, Big E claims that the promotion decided to do some white-washing of their memory video.

The New Day originally formed back in the summer of 2014 and it took them a while to get up the hill and into the championship picture. Once they did, they made sure to leave everything out there and do whatever it took to take home the titles with them.

At Extreme Rules on April 26, 2015, the team of Big E and Kofi Kingston took on the team of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro who were the champions at the time. When all was said and done, The New Day won the titles and due to the “Freebird Rule,” Xavier Woods was also recognized as a tag team champion in the record books.

With this year’s Extreme Rules coming up on Sunday night, WWE decided to post a video of The New Day looking back on their first-ever tag team title victory. It’s a fun video and one that shows the three superstars in their true element with plenty of humorous moments, but it may be tarnished.

Actually, Big E claims that the video released by WWE was actually “white-washed.”

Now, Big E most likely didn’t mean that term in as abrasive a way as it is usually used, but that remains to be seen. He may have simply meant that WWE cut down the video a lot and left plenty of the funny moments out of the finished product.

There may never be any way of knowing exactly what Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods said in the uncut or non-white washed version of the video. Maybe, WWE will end up releasing the uncensored version, but again, no-one really knows as reported by Ringside News.

Many fans responded to Big E’s tweet and said they want to see the other version to know more of the funny things that were said. Some are even crying foul and saying that WWE purposely tried to censor The New Day and cut out their best lines.

The New Day win their first-ever Tag Team Titles back in 2015.
Featured image credit: WWE

It doesn’t appear as if Big E has responded to any of the tweets in response to his white-washing comment, but it’s only been less than two hours as of this writing. The New Day is one of the most popular stables ever in WWE, but are they being treated unfairly?