Ariana Grande Shares Topless Picture From ‘God Is A Woman’ Music Video In Viral Throwback

Ariana Grande performs at a concert.
Mike Coppola / Getty Images For Billboard

Ariana Grande’s topless picture from her “God is a Woman” music video once caused quite a stir on Instagram, and now it’s back and stirring up the emotions of her fans.

The singer took to Instagram on Saturday to share a picture of the iconic body paint look she sported in the music video. The video was released exactly one year ago, coming out on July 13, 2018, to much acclaim.

The body paint pictures gained a bit of notoriety last year when Ariana posted a photo of the music video and then deleted it. As People magazine reported at the time, the picture gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the “God Is A Woman” music video and showed the pop star topless and covered in lavender body paint.

There was some speculation about why the image disappeared, especially since it conformed to the site’s strict rules against nudity, but Ariana explained that she removed the image herself. She then re-posted it with some help from her fans.

A different topless picture from the music video found its way back to Ariana Grande’s Instagram feed on Saturday, stirring up some memories of fans who loved the song.

“these throwbacks are hitting hard rn,” one person wrote.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BEST SONG,” another commented.

As her fans will recall, Ariana Grande was so anxious to get the album out that she pushed up the release date and announced the day before it was coming out. She posted a picture on Twitter to draw up some excitement for it, giving a glimpse of herself wearing the body paint that was featured in the music video.

The song remains one of the most celebrated of her entire catalog. Elle published a list earlier this year of the “The 15 Best Ariana Grande Songs to Listen to” and included the song with some big praise for the catchy tune’s message of woman empowerment of a very racy variety.

Ariana’s body paint in the video also earned some high praise, with famed artist Alexa Meade giving her the iconic look. As the Daily Mail noted, Meade specializes in body paint on models to make three-dimensional images appear to be two-dimensional paintings. Ariana wore the look perfectly in the “God Is A Woman” music video, with fans still gushing over the image when she re-posted it to social media.

Ariana Grande’s topless picture from “God Is A Woman” is apparently now on Instagram to stay.