‘View’ Producer Claps Back After Reported Leaks Put A Host In The Hot Seat

Kamala Harris appears on ABC’s “The View” today, Friday, July 12, 2019.
Jenny Anderson / Walt Disney Television

Two of the hosts of The View are reportedly at odds after several backstage leaks to the press have put one of the panelists in jeopardy. Could this cause them to rethink their return to the long-running ABC daytime talk series?

It is claimed by the gossip page that Sunny Hostin is reportedly the source that has leaked to the press the rumor regarding the unhappiness of fellow panelist Meghan McCain claims Page Six. The news source says that there have been a number of press leaks that called out Meghan’s alleged unsavory behavior on the set of the series. Page Six claims that Meghan’s pals believe the leaks are coming from none other than her fellow panelist and the woman that sits directly to Meghan’s right, lawyer and ABC legal analyst Sunny.

The source claims that ABC network insiders are reportedly looking at the allegations against Sunny because they believe she is “leaking damaging information.” The source also claims there are eyewitness accounts and texts that corroborate the claim.

If the rumors are true, this could cause an undeniable rift between the two women who have been at odds regarding their beliefs in the past but have always appeared to maintain a solid friendship. They have stated on the series numerous times that they have shared some fun times out together. The two have shared a cocktail or two and Sunny has been supportive of Meghan as she continues to grieve the death of her father, the late Arizona Senator John McCain.

The View Senior Executive Producer Hilary Estey McLoughlin said in a statement to Page Six, “I don’t think Sunny is the leak. I don’t think anyone who is working on the show could be that overtly doing something that’s potentially problematic for their own careers.”

A spokesperson for ABC News also released a statement which also backed Sunny, stating that although the former prosecutor is passionate in her beliefs, she has never once held her opinion back and has always spoken her truth as part of The View panel. Therefore, if there was an issue between herself and Meghan, it would have been directly addressed, not leaked in an underhanded way.

Fans noticed there was some obvious friction between the women this week, taking to the show’s official Instagram to post their feelings regarding the situation. Some fans commented that they realized there was a distinct tension between the two pals and that they didn’t appear to acknowledge one another.

Rumors have been running rampant over the past several weeks that McCain would not renew her contract to return to The View when the show returns for its Fall season this September. The show commented just days ago they expect all the hosts to return for the show’s upcoming 23rd season.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. EST on ABC.