Sara Underwood Spills Out Of Little Black Dress On Date Night

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Former Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood has tantalized her 9.2 million Instagram followers yet again with a sexy outfit from online retailer Fashion Nova. Underwood is a Nova Babe and has rocked several pieces from the retailer on her page.

Today, Underwood shared a shot of herself in a little black dress. The dress itself is a mini length and features a one-shoulder style. However, rather than a regular one-shoulder dress that only shows off a bit of skin near the shoulder and upper arm, the dress Underwood opted to wear in the photo had a massive cut out portion in the bodice that made things a whole lot sexier. As a result, the dress revealed a ton of cleavage, which certainly had fans drooling.

Underwood strayed a bit from her normal natural background. While she was still in Olympic National Forest, as the geotag clarified, she brought a few accessories into the shot rather than posing solely alongside nature. Underwood reclined on a picnic set up for the snap with a throw pillow visible as well as a picnic basket. She has a cup of something to drink in her hand, and tiki torches surround her to add a bit of ambiance to the setup.

As Underwood explained in her caption, she created a bit of a date night. Underwood and her partner, Jacob Witzling, spend the majority of their time in the woods — as Underwood herself stated in the caption. So, she opted to get a bit creative for date night and rock her little black dress to a picnic at the beach.

Underwood has almost exclusively been posting shots of herself in Fashion Nova outfits as of late. Just yesterday, she wore some Fashion Nova lingerie that had her followers drooling. She’s rocked revealing tops that show off her ample assets, a unique jacket and skirt combo from Fashion Nova’s collaboration with rapper Cardi B, and much more.

Underwood keeps things interesting by mixing up the backgrounds she stands in front of. Often, she’s either inside or in front of one of the cabins she helped to construct. Other times, she simply finds a breathtaking natural view somewhere nearby and poses in front of that.

The model also isn’t afraid to showcase her relationship. On June 24, she shared a sweet picture of herself and Witzling snuggled up inside one of their cabins, having a bit of a date night indoors with some chess and red wine.