Former WWE And WCW Superstars Stop Their Match To Break Up A Fight In The Crowd


Some people think that if wrestlers hate one another on television or in the ring, they’re going to be bitter enemies for life. Of course, there are also those that realize wrestling is scripted and not everything is as it seems. Earlier this week, the first-ever event held for Alberto El Patron’s (Alberto Del Rio in WWE) Nacion Lucha Libre took place and it led to some big stars pausing their match to halt a fight in the crowd.

Patron unveiled plans for his new wrestling promotion last month and let it be known they would offer both health and life insurance to wrestlers. He is partnering with former WWE superstar Chavo Guerrero Jr. for this promotion and they put on their first event this past Thursday night.

During the event on Thursday evening, there was a big six-man tag team match which involved some of the biggest names in the company. Alberto El Patron partnered with El Hijo del Fantasma and LA Park (La Parka) to take on the team of MVP, Apolo, and El Mesias.

It was quite a huge match and one that the fans were truly enjoying, but things got out of hand in the crowd. At one point, a fight broke out between a few of those in the stands and it happened during action between La Parka and MVP which brought about some unexpected results.

One fan caught the incident on camera and it led to enemies in the match working together to better a bad situation. They fought their way outside of the ring and over to the fight that was taking place between some fans in the crowd.

After arriving at the location of the brawl, MVP and La Park actually stopped battling one another and broke up the fight that was happening with the fans. The fight was successfully broken up as reported by Wrestling Inc., and then they returned to their match without missing so much as a beat.

The team of El Patron, Fantasma, and La Park ended up winning the match, but the true action came in what happened in the crowd. The true professionals of this organization not only kept the integrity of their match intact, but they made sure the fans were happy and safe.

When it comes to professional wrestling, anything and everything is possible inside or outside of the ring. MVP and La Parka have been around the business long enough to fully know how to handle any occurrence that may come about.