‘Big Brother 21’ Houseguest Analyse Is Given A Disgusting Nickname By Fans On Twitter

Monty BrintonCBS

Note: This article DOES NOT contain spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

One of the Big Brother Season 21 houseguests has been given quite the disgusting nickname thanks to Brett Robinson of Season 20. While Brett didn’t give the houseguest this nickname himself, it was his performance in a challenge last season that has prompted the trend among Big Brother fans on Twitter. Analyse Talavera has been dubbed “Anal Lice” by some viewers and the trend has started to pick up among different BB hashtags.

Last Season, the houseguests competed in a Hacker Competition each week. One of the competitions had the houseguests unscrambling a mess of letters to create a word associated with the game of Big Brother. Brett struggled with one grouping of letters, and used them to form the phrase “Anal Lice,” instead of the correct answer: “Alliance.” It was one of the season’s funniest moments and unfortunately for Analyse, it has carried over a year later.

Analyse doesn’t have as many haters on Twitter as Jack Matthews at this point, but the 23-year-old definitely has her share of trolls coming after her for some of the comments she’s made this season. Analyse has called Cliff Hogg a “f***ing snake,” while also calling Kemi Faknlue and Nicole Anthony “b****es” on multiple occasions. Those three are fan-favorites, so whenever another houseguest attacks them, the BB fandom speaks out online.

Brett has even taken notice of Analyse’s new nickname on social media. Once a viewer brought up Brett’s hilarious mistake from the Hacker Competition last season, and paralleled it to Analyse’s name, the former houseguest responded by laughing at the screenshot of himself on Twitter.

“Anal Lice” was even brought up in the Big Brother house last week when Christie Murphy reminded Analyse of what Brett had done last season. The houseguests, including Cliff and Jessica Milagros, were discussing Analyse being nicknamed “Sis” among the houseguests. Cliff mentioned “they” when he noted she wasn’t allowed to change her name to “Sis,” and suggested maybe it was because production wanted to connect her nickname to “Anal Lice.” A Twitter user caught the whole conversation on video.

It’s unknown what exactly Cliff was suggesting when he referred to “they” and the rejection of Analyse’s nickname, but she at least won’t be completely surprised when she comes out of the house and sees the bizarre trend on Twitter.

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