Lorena Rae Goes Topless & Lays In The Sand

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images

Lorena Rae was captured by one of the noted swimsuit photographers in the industry, Russell James, and he posted some photos today that fans are clearly liking. The post consisted of three photos, but arguably, the most eye-catching was the one where the model went topless. This was the second photo in the set, and showed Lorena only wearing a pair of pink floral bikini bottoms. She lay on her stomach and propped herself up with her right arm while hugging herself with her left. This meant that she was able to censor her chest somewhat. She looked over her right shoulder at the camera and gave a sultry look while she popped her right hip. The model lay on a sandy beach, with palm trees visible in the background.

All of the photos were geo-tagged in Islamorada, Florida, and the summer vibes came through on all of them. In another photo from the set, Rae sat upright in a yellow bikini. She placed her hands in front of her legs, and looked over to her left. Her hair was worn down in loose waves, and she accessorized with multiple bracelets but no necklace.

The final photo was a closeup photo of Lorena in the yellow swimsuit. It revealed that the swimsuit top had light blue string, along with hoop accents. She also wore yellow hoop earrings. The sun was visible behind her, and a sun flare by her right shoulder made the photo even more eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Lorena is keeping things rolling on her personal Instagram account, which has over 1.6 million followers. Her newest post showed her in a black-and-white one-piece, as she sat in a lounge chair and shielded her eyes from the sun with a book.

And even though Lorena is full of confidence in her photos, she admitted previously that walking the Victoria’s Secret runway left her feeling like a “nervous wreck,” according to Fox News.

She also discussed her prior experiences during the casting process with Grazia.

“Going to last year’s casting and getting a rejection the first time really helped me this year to be more confident. Knowing the casting team, that you are going to see, makes it a lot easier to be excited instead of scared,” she explained.

Right after the show, she noted the following.

“I can`t wait to see all the girls and celebrate the hard work we have put in the last couple of weeks. For the day after I’ve already made sure to get a huge breakfast including Nutella toast and chocolate croissants,” noted Lorena.