Yanet Garcia Flaunts Curvy Bod In Black Bikini On A Roof In Spain


Yanet Garcia, also known as “Mexico’s hottest weather girl,” shared a brand new Instagram photo that was geo-tagged in Madrid, Spain. It showed her rocking a black bikini with thong bottoms as she posed on top of a rooftop patio. She posed with her arms outstretched as she leaned slightly on a glass balcony. Her hair was slicked back, and she looked down for the shot.

Meanwhile, Yanet popped her left foot and accentuated her derriere. The angle of the photo also made her waist look extra small. The top of the bikini was an off-the-shoulder cut, with a diagonal cutout. Garcia kept things simple and didn’t wear any jewelry, save for a bracelet or hair tie that was on her left wrist. Behind her, you could see traditional Spanish buildings with orange rooftops. In contrast, the building that Yanet was standing on was modern in design.

The photo, although posted only four hours ago, has garnered over 354,000 likes.

It certainly looks as though Yanet is enjoying her time in Madrid. She shared an Instagram photo of her interacting with fans, and she thanked them in the captions. Yanet could be spotted in her sheer black dress that lets her flaunt her assets. She posed for a photo op with a man, while a girl and other fans looked on.

It’s no wonder that the fans were so excited to meet her. After all, she’s made a huge name for herself, not just on TV, but also on social media. She has over 10.7 million followers at this time. This means that since she celebrated her 10 millionth follower in April, that she’s been liked by 700,000 more fans. In fact, the swimsuit that she wore for the 10 millionth fan photo was similar to the black bikini she sported recently. It had an off-the-shoulder design with cutouts.

As many social media stars do, however, Yanet’s had to deal with her own set of critics. She previously opened up about some people’s complaints that she dresses “too sexy,” reported We Are Mitu.

“Unfortunately, we often do get labeled as objects. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate that we get labeled that way. But we can show the opposite… that we’re they’re [sic] because we know what we’re doing,” Yanet noted.

“Obviously, in front of the camera, you need to be attractive. Because people will – well, as a viewer, if I see someone ugly, I’ll change [the channel],” she explained.

“What’s the point of watching someone ugly on TV?”

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THANK YOU FOR 10 MILLION FOLLOWERS ???? 5 years ago I only had a few thousand followers and I decided to take a risk and try something I had never done before... being on TV as The Weather Girl in Monterrey ! I was so horrible my first few months and would drive home crying because I was so bad. I was determined to improve so I had my friend film me and I would upload the clips to YouTube to watch what I was doing wrong and see how I could improve. Never did I imagine someone would take my clips and make a video that would go viral! Over 500,000 followers followed me in a week and that opened up so many opportunities for me that I am forever grateful for. I continue to work hard every day on my skills with TV, and learn new things by challenging myself with Theatre and making movies. These things still scare me but my entire life I’ve worked so hard to go after my dreams and I’ve shared my journey with all of you along the way. Everything I do here is to inspire you to live happy, be kind to others, work hard and chase your dreams. Thank you for all your love and support along the way! SON LO MÁXIMO!❤ NUNCA OLVIDES, DE DONDE VIENES NI PARA DONDE VAS ☝????✨#NeverGiveUp

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