‘Big Brother 21’ Week 3 Spoilers: Nick Nominates Two Players For Eviction

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

Week 3 is in full swing at the Big Brother house after Nick Maccarone was crowned the third head of household (HOH) of the season. Nick immediately began planning his strategy for the week with his Gr8ful alliance members, and it looked like Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg were going to be placed on the block. That’s not how things ended up going down, according to Big Brother Daily.

It looks like Nick nominated Cliff and Jessica Milagros for eviction. This is the second time on the block for both houseguests, with Jessica up for the second week in a row. Cliff was pulled off in Week 1 after Sam Smith decided to use the power of veto (POV) on the fellow father.

Later in the evening, plans seemed to change rapidly after a shake-up with Gr8ful and Nicole. Nicole had told Isabella “Bella” Wang that a part of Gr8ful, including Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie, wanted her and Nick out of the house. Bella told their mega-alliance about what Nicole said, and they all denied it. This immediately took the target off of Jessica’s back and an unintentional backdoor plan was put into motion.

Cliff Hogg and Jessica Milagros compete on Big Brother Season 21
Jessica and Cliff have been nominated for eviction.Featured image credit: Monty BrintonCBS

Nick told his allies that he wanted Jessica removed from the block by whoever won the POV that week. His plan is to put up Nicole as a replacement nominee and have her voted out of the house. Unfortunately for Nick, not everyone in Gr8ful is on board with that plan for now. Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera discussed voting Cliff out of the house even if Jessica is removed from the block.

The two women don’t feel that Nicole is a threat to anyone’s game, whereas they are privy to Cliff’s strategy since Christie overheard him talking to cameras earlier in the week. Cliff has identified the couples in the house and has basically figured out the Gr8ful alliance. This has bothered Christie, and even though Cliff isn’t really a threat, she believes it’s time for him to go.

Nicole Anthony competes on Big Brother Season 21
Nicole is in danger of being backdoored.Featured image credit: Monty BrintonCBS

The POV competition is expected to play out Sunday, with the ceremony following on Monday. This will all play out on Wednesday night’s episode, with the third live eviction of the season happening on Thursday. The houseguest evicted will be the fourth member of Camp Comeback, which means it will be time for one of the evicted players to reenter the game. At this time, it’s unknown how a player will return their way into the game, whether it be by competitions or a vote.

Big Brother airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST, and Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.