Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: A Clueless Michael Just Made One Huge Mistake

Craig SjodinABC Press

The baby swap story line on General Hospital has been ongoing for almost a year now. Fans are getting very antsy waiting for the day that Michael finally finds out that Jonah is still alive. It seemed like the writers had finally been moving this story along now that Shiloh just had Wiley’s DNA tested to prove that he is the father, but things have taken a turn once again.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Shiloh headed to GH to get the test results. He has been pretty smug about getting his son, and possibly Willow, back with him. He ran into Lucas and of course, rubbed it in that he was Wiley’s father and that Lucas had better be ready to pack up the baby’s things once he takes the results to court. However, he didn’t even get the chance to read the test results as Mac came to arrest him. Teasers from Soap Central says that Lucas will be on the hunt for answers, but there no details on what he is searching for. Of course, he did have one answer in his hands until he threw it all away.

Shiloh dropped the envelope that was holding the truth about who Wiley’s father really is. Sam picked it up and handed it to Lucas. Michael then walked up and was told what went down. He told Lucas that he needs to destroy the DNA results quickly. Unfortunately, Lucas listened to Michael and tore it up into the trash.

This is one huge mistake that Michael just made and fans are in a frenzy about it. They thought that this was finally going to be the revelation that they were so anxiously waiting for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will happen in the next few days.

Michael’s words may just come back to haunt him once he discovers that Wiley is his son Jonah. He told Lucas that genes didn’t matter and that Wiley will never be taken away from him and Brad. Will he feel the same way when all is revealed?

General Hospital fans have noted on social media that there are still records that can be found on the DNA results. Of course, once Brad gets wind of what happened, you can bet that he will quickly change those results or get rid of them altogether. It’s not like he hasn’t tampered with test results before.

It is getting closer to Michael finding out that his son is still alive. Jonah’s first birthday is coming up next month and that may be a good time for the truth to come out. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see how this story progresses.