Meghan Markle & Harry Could Pose ‘Enormous Potential Risk’ For Royals, Warns Former Aide To Princess Diana

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It’s hard to know if anyone from the British royal family or Kensington Palace could have predicted the amount of media scrutiny that would follow Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage. Some of the critics have included Piers Morgan, Markle’s own family, and the British media. Add to this list a new voice: Patrick Jephson, who was a secretary for Princess Diana. He noted the following, as reported by Express.

“I fear the finger pointing may return. It’s unlikely to be dispelled either by the couple’s charity initiatives, the carefully curated Instagram feed to more than nine million followers or their Apple TV plans with Oprah.”

The Apple TV plans he’s referring to is a show that is expected to come about as a collaboration between Oprah and Prince Harry. Oprah, a household name in the United States, has notably defended Meghan previously against what some are considering racist media coverage.

“Such high-profile projects require absolute clarity to avoid questions about acceptable use of royal status and influence, or any conflict with the Sussex’s often reasonable calls for privacy,” added Jephson.

“They carry enormous potential risk for them and the monarchy.”

The criticism about Meghan and Harry’s roles, and whether they infringe on the traditions of royal duties, has been previously voiced by other critics. However, Patrick continued to elaborate.

“Loyal monarchists who join the chorus urging Harry and Meghan into celebrity exile are damaging the very institution they think they love.”

Only time will tell whether Patrick’s warnings will hold weight or not.

The Apple TV show, as reported by Vanity Fair, is expected to address mental health. It won’t be available until 2020, however, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to see the final results. But as early as April, the project had already been worked on over several months.

Both Prince Harry and Prince William have been outspoken in the past about mental health. In particular, Harry has opened up previously about the struggles he faced after losing his mother.

It’s also not entirely surprising that there would be a collaboration between the royals and Oprah, considering she attended the extravagant wedding.

In addition, William talked about mental health in May during a BBC documentary. He encouraged the British people to talk more about emotions. And just like Harry, he also addressed how the sudden death of his mother affected him mentally. It seems to be a very important topic for the brothers. So while Jephson may have his reservations about the new venture, we’ll have to see how it’s received publicly.

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The Duke of Sussex has had a longstanding connection to The Ghurkas and the people of Nepal beginning at a very young age. Today His Royal Highness held an audience with Nepal's Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen. This is the first visit to the UK by a Nepali Prime Minister in 19 years. The Duke has previously met KP Sharma Oli, on his first official visit to Nepal in March 2016, a country he had always longed to visit. At the time, Nepal was recovering from a major earthquake - rural villages had been torn apart leaving many families displaced, with heritage sites in Kathmandu severely damaged. Despite this tragedy, The Duke was moved by the remarkable spirit, resilience and warmth of the Nepalese, as seen in the photos from his visit. The Duke explored Nepal’s stunning natural beauty, trekking through a National Park, experiencing the Hindu Festival of Colour in the Himalayan village of Okhari and staying with a local family in Leorani village. During the visit, HRH also met The Royal Gurkha Rifles at the British Gurkha Camp in Pokhara, whom are a unique unit of soldiers in the British Army recruited from Nepal. The Duke has a particularly close bond to The Gurkha’s, having served with The 1st Battalion in Afghanistan in 2007/2008. The Gurkha’s have taken part in operations in Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Australia and Iraq and share a 203 year relationship with the UK. At the end of his 2016 visit, The Duke joined Team Rubicon volunteers to help a remote village whose community had been destroyed in the earthquake. @Teamrubiconuk unites the skills and expertise of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams in the aftermath of natural disasters. The Duke helped with the rebuild of the local school, giving children a safe space to go to school and study before the monsoon season arrived.

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