New York Tourist Left Bloody After Attack In Times Square

Times Square Attack

New York, NY – A seemingly spontaneous and unprovoked attack in Times Square left an unnamed 34-year-old long-haired blonde tourist bloody and another woman in cuffs.

The assault occurred around 1 pm at the busy intersection of 46th Street and Broadway, across from a Forever 21. The blonde and her friend were walking and taking photos when the alleged attacker, 30-year-old Deanne Ostbye, challenged the two.

Ostbye obstinately stood in the blonde pedestrian’s path and a verbal exchange ensued. A scuffle followed.

The blonde tourist was knocked to the pavement, hitting her head which caused a bloody gash. When the victim fell her belongings scattered. A nearby officer approached and broke up the altercation.

As Ostbye was being arrested she began yelling “freedom of speech” for no apparent reason other than in protest to the officer who requested she remain still. Ostbye smugly smirked for cameras when pictures were taken by passersby. The victim was taken to Roosevelt hospital where she was treated for her head injury.

At the time of the assault Ostbye was wearing gray sweat pants, sneakers, and a hooded black sweatshirt with the names of the New York City boroughs.

Officers are still unsure why Ostbye attacked the woman. The suspect has been charged with assault and reckless endangerment.


Times Square is the commercial epicenter intersecting Midtown Manhattan, one of the five boroughs, within New York City. It is iconic for its illuminated billboards, movie palaces, restaurants, corporate and commerce industries, and has been the site of the annual New Year’s Eve (Waterford Crystal) ball drop since 1907.

See photos immediately following the assault here.

[Image via Wikitravel]