Donald Trump's Voters 'Know That He's An A**hole,' Says Democratic Presidential Candidate

Damir Mujezinovic

In an interview published on Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Seth Moulton said that Trump voters "know" that the president is an "a**hole," The Hill reports.

Moulton suggested that other Democrats running for president appear to believe that they can persuade Trump voters to vote against the president in 2020 by convincing them that he is not a moral person.

"I think a lot of Democrats think, 'You know, these Trump voters, what we need to do is we just need to educate them, and we're going to get it through their heads that this guy is a bad guy,'" he opined, proceeding to suggest that Trump supporters understand what the commander-in-chief is like, but simply don't mind.

"OK, Trump voters are not idiots. We don't need to give America a moral education; they know that he's an a**hole. They get it. They've just baked that in."

"I'm voting for him anyway because you don't give me a better alternative," is how Trump voters feel, the Massachusetts congressman warned, arguing that they understand that the president is "immoral."

As The Hill notes, Moulton is competing against more than 20 other Democrats. So far, he has failed to make an impact, failing to qualify for the debates. In order to qualify, the congressman has to either meet the 1 percent threshold in three polls from a pre-approved list by the Democratic National Committee, or collect donations from 65,000 Americans.

A Business Insider analysis of Moulton's voting record and stances on a number of issues suggests that he is one of the more moderate Democrats in the race.

The 40-year-old former Marine does not support Medicare for All, although he supports a public option for healthcare. He is centrist on the issue of immigration, but he has criticized the Trump administration's immigration policy in the past.

Moulton is also in favor of gun control, but opposes marijuana legalization, and thinks that prison inmates should not have the right to vote.

According to Moulton, a NATO-like alliance needs to be formed in Asia in order to counter China, which needs to be scrutinized by the World Trade Organization.