Tyra Banks Rocks Nude Bandeau And Little Else In Throwback Shot

Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

Legendary model Tyra Banks is a veteran in the industry. She got her start as a model, and later ended up expanding her empire with other entrepreneurial ventures, most notably the creation of the hit reality competition show, America’s Next Top Model. She’s seen the industry evolve over the years, and recently shared a snap on Instagram that showcased just how much things have changed.

Banks shared an absolutely stunning photo of herself that was taken at the VH1 Fashion Awards way back in 1998. At that particular awards show, Banks rocked a simple nude bandeau top that showcased her physique and ample assets. She kept all the attention on her incredible physique and opted for a simple look, with a copper lip, natural makeup, and hair slicked back and away from her face.

However, as Banks explained in the caption, finding a nude top at that time wasn’t exactly easy for someone with her skin tone. In fact, she called the task “nearly impossible.” Despite the fact that she was a rising superstar in the fashion industry, she just wasn’t able to find anything in a nude shade that actually matched her skin tone.

Banks praised the changes that have taken place in the industry over the years, and mentioned in her caption that there are many creatives working in the industry now that “service all skin.” She hasn’t opted to recreate the look nearly two decades later by rocking another nude bandeau at a red carpet event, but her caption makes it sound as though the task wouldn’t be nearly as impossible as it was over 20 years ago.

Banks’ fans absolutely adored the throwback photo, which received over 125,000 likes in just seven hours.

Many fans commented on her beauty.

“You look no different. Still super hot!!!” one fan said.

Banks has been outspoken about diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, and has shared some powerful thoughts, as Glamour reports.

“To me, race is not a trend. My skin is not a trend; your skin is not a trend. We are who we are, so we should not go in and out of fashion… The trend should be what we put on our bodies, not our bodies. And so that’s the part of fashion that I don’t like, is they’ll say, ‘Oh, the chocolate girls with the short hair is in for two years.’ And now, where’s that girl? She’s trying to figure out how she’s going to pay her bills, because she’s no longer hot.”

Banks has consistently used her platform to be outspoken about the things she believes in, both in interviews and on her shows.