Taylor Hill Dons Strappy Black Lingerie In New Video

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Taylor Hill was featured in a new video by Victoria’s Secret, and it’s been viewed over 469,000 times already. The video was in black and white and showed the model strolling into the frame. The backdrop was completely black with the brand’s name across the top, while Hill was lit from the side. She showed off her lean figure in a black lingerie set, which included a strappy bra and bottoms with a very high waist.

While it’s no secret that Taylor is a lingerie model, she alternates between sharing revealing photos on Instagram with personal photos of her in various outfits. In particular, the model seems to like sharing selfies, which look like a huge hit with her 12.9 million followers.

For example, Taylor shared a selfie yesterday that garnered over 367,000 likes. It showed her sitting on a bed, as she wore her hair down in defined curls. It was geotagged in Stockholm, Sweden. She left the captions cryptic, using only emoji. It’s very likely that she’s in Sweden for a photo shoot. Victoria’s Secret models often work with some of the world’s biggest brands, and Taylor is no exception. It’ll be interesting to see if she shares more information about her trip overseas.

It was only a week ago when she was sharing photos that were geotagged in New York. In particular, she recently posted an Instagram photo with her three siblings. Best of all, there was a rainbow in the backdrop, making it an idyllic photo.

Taylor wore a tie-die top and a high-waisted white skirt, while her sisters rocked brightly patterned dresses. Taylor’s brother rocked a white T-shirt and maroon shorts. They were photographed in front of the water, and looked to be having a great time.

Previously, the model revealed some of her personal details to Grazia. She delved into several interesting topics, including how she perceives art.

“I remember my [art] teacher always telling me, ‘When you finish, finish! Don’t try to perfect things.'”

“The things that are wrong are what make it art. That stuck with me, and I think it also applies to beauty. Less is more. When we obsess and try too hard to mask our insecurities, we should stop, be confident, and step away,” she added. This “less is more” perspective could be part of Taylor’s charm.

“Having this voice now, I would tell young girls not to worry about pettiness with classmates. You’ll all be friends in 10 years,” noted Hill, as she acknowledged her role as an influence on younger girls.

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