Devin Brugman Flaunts Hourglass Figure In A White Bikini

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Devin Brugman has been sharing photos from her trip to Mexico with her fans, and it’s been well received. Many of the photos were geotagged at a luxury resort called Cuixmala, which is in Puerto Vallarta. A couple of days ago, the bikini model and entrepreneur shared two photos of herself in a white bikini.

The first photo showed her standing in the middle of a luxurious pool. Devin stood in the middle of the water, and the pool had a checkerboard pattern of different hues of blues and white. She popped her left foot and placed her hands in her hair. Behind her, fans could see plush outdoor seating, along with a peach-colored building. Because the photo was taken from far away, it was hard to see the model clearly.

Luckily, Brugman shared a second photo. This time, she stood next to an orange pillar next to a yellow-and-white outdoor sofa. She placed her left hand on the pillar, popping her left foot while looking at the camera. She smiled slightly, and played with her hair with her right hand. The bikini itself was simple but chic, with knots that accented both the top and bottom.

Since the photo was a closer look at the model, it was possible to see that she wore hoop earrings, along with pink eyeshadow and a pop of color on her lips. In both instances, the model wore her hair down.

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In addition to the photos of the pool, Devin previously shared a shot that she took in front of the hotel. The photo was taken from a distance away in order to allow the building to be fully visible. Devin did, however, manage to color-coordinate with her backdrop as she wore a bright green outfit. And while the building was a light orange color, there were pots of green plants that dotted the stairwell leading up to the door. This Instagram update received over 15,000 likes.

And while Brugman appears to be thoroughly enjoying Mexico, she previously revealed to Elite Daily that the best city she’d visited at the time was in France.

“Monaco, France. I went when I was 15 and have been dying to get back. I loved so many parts of France but Monaco took my breath away. It is such a beautiful, clean and exciting city. That city is full of big money and seeing it all in action is fascinating,” she said.