Cindy Kimberly Exposes Chest In Bikini Selfies

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In a brand new Instagram post, Cindy Kimberly shared a couple of busty selfies that are clearly getting her fans’ attention. Although the pictures were only posted ten minutes ago, it’s already garnered over 62,000 likes. The update consisted of two black-and-white snaps, each showing Cindy in a revealing white bikini top that was so small that it hugged her chest and left most of it exposed.

The first picture showed the model exuding sultry vibes as she played with her hair with her left hand. She tilted her head slightly to the left, and pursed her lips for the shot. Cindy accessorized simply with cat-eye sunglasses and a necklace of her first name.

The second photo of the series was similar to the first, except this time, she wore a hat. The model parted her lips even more this time, and posed in front of a wall with shrubbery.

Cindy Kimberly was first discovered by Justin Bieber around 2016, when he reposted a photo of her on social media. Justin wanted to know the name of the woman that caught his eye. Of course, this happened long before Bieber’s marriage to Hailey Baldwin. But his curiosity was all it took for Cindy to launch a modeling career.

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i literally don’t ever leave my house

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Today, Kimberly boasts over 5.6 million followers. Her updates are mostly personal photos that garner hundreds of thousands of likes. One of her more popular updates from this month was a short selfie video. It has been viewed over 1.3 million times, and showed Cindy wearing lavish makeup. This included a majorly glossy lip with liner, along with metallic pink eyeshadow. She also wore a dab of silver eyeshadow at the corner of her eyes, and wore her hair down in a slightly off-center part.

And while Cindy has a ton of fans, her time in the spotlight comes with the usual setbacks. In particular, she’s been dealing with Internet trolls lately, as she blasted the critics on Twitter.

“I’m not editing my body lol. Y’all using pics two years apart and acting like people don’t get or loose [sic] weight”

“And I’m also happy being thicker now. I’m just enjoying the ride but y’all keep making me feel depressed and like I’m doing something wrong,” she added.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for models to field a ton of hate from people online.

“[M]y fav past time is muting people’s texts when they piss me off,” noted Cindy, as she presumably moved on from the trolls but still alluding to her choice to censor negativity.

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moving selfie ????????????‍♀️

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