Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Scott Stuns In Tight Jeans & Crop Top

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Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Scott, is making waves. She may have been referred to in her childhood days in the 46-year-old rap icon’s lyrics, but Eminem’s daughter is now all grown up. Hailie is 23-years-old, a college graduate, and an Instagram star. The brunette’s latest update is proving just why she’s racking up the followers.

Earlier today, Hailie updated her account, as a simple, full-frontal, and fresh-faced shot showed Hailie for the stunner she is. Hailie was posing for the camera in a tight pair of stylish jeans, which were nicely paired with a crop top in stark whites. The Adidas top was flashing Hailie’s super-taut abs – given that this star shares Instagram Stories filled with hardcore workouts, her killer torso is of no surprise.

Hailie appeared made-up today, but only minimally. Her cheeks came slightly bronzed and matching warm-toned eyeshadow in earthy browns. Hailie likewise seemed to have gone low-key with her hair. Her long brown locks were simply parted at the center, falling loosely around her shoulders.

The simple caption from Hailie asked her fans whether anyone is on Instagram on the last day of the working week. Hailie then appeared to reflect on the thought – clearly, she appeared to suggest — if her fans were reading her caption — it meant that they were on the platform.

Comments soon started pouring in. While many praised the star for her style and beauty, a few pointed out a resemblance to Eminem – Hailie’s fans seem to think that she looks like her famous father.

Eminem’s fans are likely wondering how he feels about his daughter. The rapper made his adoration for Hailie more than clear through his songs. A source reporting to Hollywood Life suggested that Eminem’s pride in his daughter surpasses that of all his other achievements.

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“Forget all the awards and accolades, it’s his daughter that he’s most proud of — and he has good reason to be! Hailie is an absolutely amazing young woman. She’s grounded, super smart, kind, driven, balanced and just a really nice person.”

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Hailie does indeed seem grounded and balanced. Her Instagram updates appear confident, but not overly so. Hailie showcases a lifestyle that includes outdoor activities, time with her dog, healthy food, and fitness. Mentions of her degree in psychology aren’t made, but Hailie has more than her looks and style going for her – Hailie graduated from Michigan State University.

Hailie’s update proved popular today. It had racked up over 39,000 likes within just two hours of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Hailie should follow her Instagram.