Gym For The Obese Draws Plus-Sized Exercisers

Gym for the obese makes the heavyset comfortable

A gym for the obese is a comfort to plus-sized exercisers.

Gyms these days tend to be packed with people who are simply in better than average shape. With pushy salespeople and lofty expectations from the get-go, those bringing a few too many pounds just feel intimidated. If you’re not in shape, chances are you’ll head straight back to the couch and hit the TV remote.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Ron Lynch, 59, an insurance executive from Winter Springs says:

“I don’t want to be in a gym where everyone is in significantly better shape. I’m embarrassed.”

Rosemarie “Bud” Seaman saw the problem and went for an alternative with Ultimate Fitness. All machines at Ultimate Fitness are designed to accommodate the heavyset. Her massage table can hold up to 700 pounds. And no Hollywood-skinny exercisers are allowed, as her gym offers classes exclusively for plus-size participants.

Rosemarie Seaman comments:

“These are people who had trouble coming into a gym; they felt shame and guilt. They were so fearful of what others might say, or that others would stare.”

Ron Lynch has been attending Ultimate Fitness for a year, and says that the intimidation he feels at most gyms is not present in this one. He would attempt to get into a regular machine at other gyms, and he wouldn’t fit. He would literally have to force himself between the handles at times.

Sharon Krzyzanowski, clinical coordinator at Florida Hospital Celebration, councils obese patients on their lifestyles, and says she sees most people avoiding regular gyms. She says only good things about Ultimate Fitness:


“I think the class is amazing. I love the concept. It puts people on the same level.”

So how does one get into a class at Ultimate Fitness? First off, you have to be above a certain BMI (Body Mass Index). 30 BMI, or “obese,” is the type of customer she’s aiming for, and anything higher is welcome.

How do you feel about a gym for the obese making heavyset exercisers feel more comfortable?