Kylie Jenner’s Naked Video Slammed As Fans Think It Was Photoshopped

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Kylie Jenner is getting slammed. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram today for a promotional video, as Kylie Skin is gearing up for some new merchandise. The sun-drenched video of the 21-year-old lying naked under crystal-woven netting made the Daily Mail‘s headlines within a matter of hours. It looks like the newspaper’s viewers weren’t too impressed with what they were seeing.

“We have seen her paparazzi pics – she looks nothing like this,” read the most popular comment, with over 360 upvotes.

A reply mentioning both “airbrushing” and “Photoshop” also proved popular, with over 200 upvotes.

Also driven up the comments section was a user referencing paparazzi photos.

“We saw the real Kylie pics a few weeks ago,” they wrote.

Countless other users took to the newspaper’s comments section to call Kylie out on having allegedly digitally altered the video. The accusations, however, don’t mark the first time the star has faced Photoshop allegations. Seventeen has collated a collection of the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s “Photoshop fails.” While Kylie and her famous sisters are known for taking to social media with beautiful no-makeup shots or morning selfies, their glossy and polished-looking promos, in particular, have fallen under fire.

Over on Kylie’s Instagram, though, the video mostly received positive feedback from her dedicated followers.

One of the Daily Mail‘s users today claimed to have seen Kylie in the flesh just recently.

“I saw her yesterday she looks nothing like the pics!! It’s all photoshopped!” they wrote.

Fortunately for Kylie, not all comments were negative. The mother-of-one was called a “great inspiration,” and her Kylie Skin products received approval from some individuals claiming to have tested the merch out.

There’s no denying that mentions of Kylie’s recent paparazzi photos dominated the comments section, though. While the comments didn’t specify which sets of photos they were referring to, they may well have pertained to makeup-free snaps of Kylie taken during a visit to the dentist last month. As The Inquisitr reported, a fresh-faced Kylie looked “unrecognizable” at that time.

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Although Kylie appeared to face major backlash today, it should be noted that the star herself was not slammed on the beauty front. Some of the popular comments seemed to suggest the use of editing software over anything else. While Kylie will face all kinds of hurtful comments – many of a trolling nature – today’s upvoted responses appeared more angered at the way in which Kylie had delivered herself to the platform. Clearly, the Daily Mail‘s readers felt that this billionaire wasn’t showing her natural self.