Thomas Ravenel Hired Private Eyes To Watch 'Southern Charm' Star Kathryn Dennis Around The Clock

Amy Feinstein

Now that the custody case of Kathryn Dennis vs. Thomas Ravenel, 56, is unsealed, various documents are being made public, including the notes of private investigators who had been following Dennis for months at her home and as she moved around the state of South Carolina.

In the court records obtained by The Blast, there are declarations from private investigator David C. Leaird, owner of Surveillance Technologies Investigative Services (STIS), who had been following Dennis on and off since she was involved in a relationship with former politician Thomas Ravenel.

For this case, Leaird, whose surveillance of Dennis was complicated by the fact that he is her cousin, acknowledged that he had been following her since before this round in the custody battle, which started on September 9, 2018, two weeks before Ravenel's arrest on assault charges which triggered Dennis' filing for sole custody. The notes from STIS indicate that the Southern Charm star was followed from September through the end of June, 2019.

The Blast indicates that fixed cameras were set up at two residences throughout this period around the clock.

"The private eye [Leaird] says they were hired to specifically watch her interactions with the kids. During their investigation they set up cameras to record Dennis twenty four hours a day. The cameras were at two residences where she stayed," The Blast reported.

The file from Leaird included "40,000 photos and 10,000 videos," which were recorded and reviewed by the surveillance company for use in Ravenel's counterclaim against the Bravo star, 26.

Complicating the matter, Leaird is married to Ravenel's former fiancee, who he called "Drink Cart Girl" on the first two seasons of Southern Charm, at other times calling her "the one that got away."

While Dennis is free to travel, Ravenel is still out on bail, and not allowed to leave the state of South Carolina.

On the most recent episode of Southern Charm, Ravenel's on and off girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, said that their relationship fizzled when the former state treasurer could no longer globe trot to swanky polo events.