Kourtney Kardashian’s Plunging Bra Slammed: Hundreds Embarrassed For Her

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Kourtney Kardashian is receiving some backlash. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star appeared to have gone all-out with her sizzling and busty dinner look earlier this week. Photos of the 40-year-old heading to West Hollywood, California, hotspot Craig’s were obtained by The Daily Mail as Kourtney and her show-stopping outfit made major headlines.

It looks like Kourtney’s plunging and cleavage-flaunting black bra hasn’t gone down too well amid The Daily Mail’s readers. Users have turned out by the masses to slam the itsy-bitsy satin upper. While the Poosh CEO had gone conservative with a stylish pair of pants to match the lingerie, she hadn’t held back on flaunting her killer body up top. While some fans threw the mother of three the thumbs-up – Kourtney does, after all, look sensational – many seemed to find the outfit inappropriate for a dinner outing. A fair few seemed to be voicing embarrassment on behalf of the brunette.

“Embarrassing for a 40 year old mother, she looks as if she’s forgotten her top” received agreement from over 140 users.

“I feel both sad and embarrassed for her. There is no good reason she should be dressing like that. By 40, you should have a full life so that you are not going clubbing looking like this” also proved popular.


“How embarrassing,” another user wrote.

The most upvoted comment came with a remark suggesting that donning lingerie for an evening meal is not appropriate.

“I must be getting old, because I’m Pretty sure wearing a bra to dinner is not really very respectful!”

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Good at literally everything.

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The Hollywood circle is now a progressive one. Feminine-positive mindsets are breaking down barriers. The industry’s women are increasingly finding themselves empowered by the freedom to wear what they want, when they want. Kourtney’s sister Kim Kardashian flies the flag for skintight and revealing outfits. Much like her older sister, Kim will face backlash, but the 38-year-old appears undeterred by raised eyebrows.

Kourtney may have gone risqué with her ensemble, but there’s no denying that this 40-year-old looked great. Kourtney’s gym-honed body was likely wowing her fans – this mother is known for her workout dedication. That said, it looks like Kourtney’s look came ill-received by many.

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They’re Sisters Not Saints.

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Fortunately for Kourtney, not all comments to the snaps were negative. Kourtney was told that she looks great for her age. Sadly, however, mentions of embarrassment manifested throughout the comments.

“Why is she wearing her underwear in public. Go home and raise your children. How embarrassing for them to read and see these stories and pictures when they grow up,” one user wrote.

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