Kylie Jenner’s Bikini Pic Bombs, Hundreds Agree She Looks 45

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Kylie Jenner doesn’t always get the thumbs-up. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star mostly receives praise for her wowing looks and killer body, but a positive reaction isn’t guaranteed. The 21-year-old has been promoting her bestselling Kylie Cosmetics range with some sizzling bikini snaps – while Kylie’s dedicated fans would likely argue the photos have been flawless, it looks like other opinions are floating around.

A promo pic of Kylie sunning herself on sands was posted to Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram yesterday. It showed the mother of one in a semi-sheer and woven tan bikini paired with a shimmering gold miniskirt. The cleavage-flaunting photo appeared to come from a string of snaps – last week brought fans similar shots.

Responses on the star’s own or business social media accounts can be negative, but they tend to come from individuals already following the accounts – that, in itself, introduces a slight positive bias. Unfortunately for Kylie, viewers to the image shared by The Daily Mail have proven more critical than Kylie’s loyal followers.

“She looks 45 years old. Very average at best!” was a comment receiving agreement from over 260 users.

Over 230 users agreed to a comment suggesting that Kylie looks like “plastic.”

This star is frequently subject to trolling comments. That said, while the phrasing of such responses can come across as cruel jabs, the level of agreement to them does suggest a popular consensus.

Kylie has always vehemently denied going under the knife. Bar an admission to having received lip injections, per Grazia, the Kylie Skin founder maintains that both her face and body are natural. Given that Kylie’s shapely curves appear to run in the family, it seems objective to view her denials of cosmetic surgery as the truth.

Be it for the airbrushed finish or heavily bronzed look, though, it seems like Kylie’s bikini snap has bombed. A popular response referred to the makeup mogul as resembling a “well-read book.” Other responses appeared to have users suspecting the use of editing software.

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i got it from my mama ???? @harpersbazaararabia

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“Amazing how filters and photoshop can make someone look completely different. Talk about $elf-delu$ion!!” was a comment receiving over 180 upvotes.

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blessed with the best ????????

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Kylie looking older than her 21 years was an opinion manifested in a variety of comments. A popular response pointing towards plastic surgery accusations came with a reply – the user thought that the alleged “work” made Kylie look “so much older.” An upvoted mention also compared Kylie to her 63-year-old mother, Kris Jenner.

Fortunately for Kylie, not all responses proved slamming in nature. Fans giving the picture the thumbs-up mentioned how beautiful they thought Kylie looked.