Gun Control: Lawmakers Receive Violent Emails After Debate

Lawmakers receive violent emails after gun control debates

Lawmakers received violent emails after the debate on gun control.

The weekend after a heated gun control debate, Colorado state Representative Rhonda Fields was flooded with violent emails. Some of said emails disturbed her, as she later told police.

Rhonda Fields usually gets a handful of emails over any weekend, but a few of the 3,000 she received were so laced with profanity and threats that Denver police had gotten involved. Police arrested the suspected author, and Fields’ own security escort was enhanced.

The debate has been going on for months now, emotionally charged and vehement as ever. Those who believe it is their God-given right to own a gun have continually been at the throats of those who believe guns should be more strictly legislated. And when the lawmakers themselves take a side, the rage has a direct target.

Rhonda Fields represents a district where a handful of individuals were gunned down watching a movie, and the emotions tend to gravitate in her direction. According to the Huffington Post, she says she will “not be deterred by threats.”

In California, a man was arrested under suspicion of threatening a state senator. The man was enraged over a proposed bill which would limit the rapid reloading of assault weapons.

In Minnesota, a lawmaker was threatened for sponsoring an assault weapons ban. State troopers were present this time to avert any of the threats she’s been receiving.

In Wyoming, a lawmaker refused to bring up a bill exempting the state from banning such weapons. Similar threats and abusive communications have been the repercussion.

Monday, another six gun control bills are planned to be brought to light in Colorado. According to ABC News, the police have been alerted and will be extra vigilant in eliminating the chance for any such threats to be acted upon.


Republican Senator Kevin Grantham has been said to receive a similar number of threats over gun control:

“People are worried about losing their gun rights. That’s the theme. It comes in different shades and stripes, but it’s that people are worried about their Second Amendment rights.”

How do you feel about lawmakers receiving violent emails after gun control debates?