Amanda Seyfried Apologizes For Bashing Social Media Influencer

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Amanda Seyfried recently took to Instagram to slam a social media influencer who had two babies and was showing off her figure. According to Entertainment Tonight, she’s taking some of it back now and apologizing for starting such a big argument.

Arielle Charnas posted a photo on Tuesday of herself in a green swimsuit on Instagram. The social media influencer flaunted her toned abs and showed off her legs. In the caption, she said that this is after having two children, The Inquisitr reported. Amanda Seyfried felt that this type of post gave girls unrealistic body expectations.

Originally, it was Amanda’s friend who posted the comment bashing Arielle. However, Amanda reposted the comment and added that Arielle could end up harming girls who try to look just like her by posting this. She also mentioned that Arielle is privileged and that’s why she gets to look like this.

This action got both Amanda and her friend banned from Arielle’s profile. Arielle admitted to feeling “punished” for being skinny.

Amanda Seyfried reacted to the situation originally by posting a selfie of herself on her Instagram page with words over it that read “influence=power.”

Since the incident occurred though, Amanda has realized part of what she did was wrong, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Amanda posted a Robert Frost quote on Instagram before adding her own thoughts on the whole situation.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence,” the quote on her profile read.

Amanda went on to admit that if anyone knows her, they know she doesn’t like to tear people down. She said all she wanted was for people who “find themselves with a platform to stand on” should be aware of the message they are sending out to their followers and then be able to back it up when people begin to criticize them.

While she stands by what she did say originally, she did want to take back how she started the entire fight in the first place.

“The only thing I’d take back is exactly how I started this debate. I desperately wish it hadn’t targeted (or blasted) one person (there are MANY who engage in this questionable messaging) and instead started a cleaner, general conversation,” she wrote. “No one needs to tear anyone apart. And I regret that it’s present right now.”

Amanda also included an apology to Arielle herself. She apologized for any “negative feels” she’s “endured because of this.”