Rachel Lindsay Gives Her Take On Hannah Brown’s Announcement That She Slept With One Of The Men On The Show

Randy Shropshire Getty Images

Rachel Lindsay starred on the 13th season of The Bachelorette and made history as the very first African American bachelorette. Although her season had its up and downs, she did ultimately find love on the show. Lindsay and her fiance, Bryan Abasolo, are currently preparing for their upcoming wedding. She recently stopped by the ABC show Strahan and Sara to discuss the current season of The Bachelorette, which stars Hannah Brown. Lindsay admitted to Michael Strahan and his guest co-host KeKe Palmer that some of Brown’s decisions have come as a bit to a shock to her this season, according to Us Weekly.

In a sneak preview of next week’s episode, Brown is in the middle of a heated conversation with one of her remaining men, Luke Parker. Parker brings up the fact that he believes sex should be reserved for two people that are married and that if Brown was to have slept with another man, he would have no other choice but to leave the show. The comment so enrages Brown that she sends him packing after she admits that she already had slept with one of the remaining men on the show — in a windmill, of all places.

“I have had sex. And honestly, Jesus still loves me,” Brown is heard saying.

Parker is then seen getting into a limo that will take him home while Brown flips him off as the vehicle drives away. We don’t yet know which of the men she is referring to regarding the windmill comment. However, that could be revealed soon in the fantasy suite episode.

Lindsay claimed she was slightly taken aback by Brown being so open about already having sex with one of the men. Nevertheless, she expressed her admiration for Brown and how honest she was about it.

“I’m gonna assume that they’re alluding to what happened in the fantasy suite. I mean, I was surprised she was so bold and forthcoming with it. “But I mean, she owns it so more power to her.”

In addition to Parker, Brown has three other men remaining on the show, each one claiming to be falling in love with her. They include Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, and Jed Wyatt.

Lindsay said she’s holding out hope that Weber ends up with Brown in the end.

“I think Peter won me over at hometowns. So he’s a frontrunner for me, I think she might go for Peter.”

Weber is a young pilot with a clear connection with Brown. He and Cameron have each held the position of fan favorites this past season.