Justin Bieber: Operation Make Bieber Smile

justin bieber--operation make bieber smile

Poor Justin Bieber. As The Inquistr readers already know, the unfortunate Canadian pop star tweeted “worst birthday” after his party got involved in a “confrontation” with club security that resulted in the entire party leaving.

Did Bieber and pals stomp out in a huff, or were they rudely ejected from the club? Natalie Finn and Baker Machado for E Online reported that, “the incident went down very quickly,” which sounds like a polite way of saying that nobody’s saying exactly what happened.

Whatever transpired, it apparently made Bieber so very, very sad that he went immediately to his hotel, according to E Online.

And the 19th birthday festivities had started with such promise, too. Erin O’Sullivan for Access Hollywood reported that he was in such a rush to get dressed for his party that he started taking off his clothes after his last concert — and before he quite reached his hotel. Oops. Photos of a shirtless Justin Bieber flashed quickly around the world.

Later on, as Dan Evon previously reported, he was spotted in London with Ella Paige Roberts Clark and an unnamed “mystery blonde” until 6 in the morning.

How do you mess up a birthday like that? But, somehow, it all fell apart, and now Bieber is unhappy, and the fans just won’t stand for it. As I write, there’s a huge campaign underway on Twitter called, “OperationMakeBieberSmile.” Everyone is being asked to post something to make the birthday boy smile. The true “beliebers” are even changing their user names to “Smile Justin.”

If you were wondering how a teen-aged boy could make a documentary about his life and have it earn $73 million, as Biography says he did with 2011’s Never Say Never, wonder no more. His fans aren’t just fans. They’re fanatics. Here are just a few of the hundreds of tweets being posted to cheer him up:


But not everybody is feeling the love for Justin Bieber.

Maybe we need to rewrite the old saying. Cry and the world cries with you — if your name is Justin Bieber.