Ariel Winter Grabs Ice Cream In Daisy Dukes, 30-Pound Weight Loss Visible

Ariel Winter revealed a 30-pound weight loss earlier this year. The Modern Family actress appears to have kept the weight off. Photos obtained by The Daily Mail yesterday showed the star looking sensational while grabbing ice cream in Studio City, California.

The 21-year-old was papped at McConnell's Ice Cream. Ariel had opted for a summery wardrobe and a low-key look. The star was showcasing her slimmed-down figure in a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes paired with a casual T-shirt in gray. The denim cut-offs were flashing the actress's toned and sun-kissed legs. While Ariel comes with porcelain skin as opposed to a golden tan, her shapely pins were in the sunlight. Ariel wore simple canvas sneakers for her outing.

The actress appeared fresh-faced. Ariel's complexion seemed makeup-free. Her long red hair was eye-catching, but the finish came simple as Ariel hadn't opted for glam.

This star's weight loss made major headlines back in January. As The Daily Mail reports, Ariel's 30-pound drop caused a stir on social media. While today's report sees a mention of the actress crediting fitness for her weight loss, January came with a different reason. The redhead revealed that her psychiatrist had switched her medication, and the weight loss appeared to be a consequence.

"You're actually gorgeous. But pills and nose candy go hand in hand with Hollywood. Enjoy yourself, but don't get ruined by it," one user wrote.

The actress clapped back at suggestions that she was taking drugs with joking sarcasm.

Winter's weight loss may have been due to medication changes, but her toned muscles are the result of a hard grind in the gym. Today's report from The Daily Mail saw the television sensation credit her personal trainer MackFit. Ariel stated how good she felt to see her shape "respond" to training.

Clearly, this star comes complete with a balanced approach.

Celebrity weight loss is a hot topic. Whether it's Kim Kardashian losing the baby weight or Demi Lovato toning up, the famous will make headlines for getting into sensational shape. Fans would likely agree that Ariel's weight loss was definitely visible yesterday.