‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Chase Meets Hayden, Brings Her In For Questioning

Hayden Barnes just got back into town and is already in trouble.

General Hospital actress Rebecca Budig.
Rich Polk / Getty Images

Hayden Barnes just got back into town and is already in trouble.

At the end of Thursday’s General Hospital, Chase arrived to talk to Hayden Barnes after Liesl Obrecht accused her of being the one who pushed her off the Haunted Star. Finn was sitting down with his ex at Metro Court discussing their past and how they have both moved on. Chase walked in telling Hayden that he has a few questions for her. This is the first time that Chase has met his brother’s ex, and it looks like he won’t be too impressed by her.

SheKnows Soaps details that Chase will not only be questioning Hayden at the PCPD, but he will also have a heart-to-heart with Finn asking about his relationship with her. He wants to know the details on their sordid past. He may or may not get an earful. Finn may not be ready to spill everything, but Chase will certainly learn all about Hayden’s criminal dealings from her time in Port Charles.

A preview clip that General Hospital released earlier this week revealed that Chase will be looking over Hayden’s record as she is brought in for questioning on Obrecht’s accusations. He soon learns that she has a previous record of fraud, blackmail, and making false statements. This brings the detective to wonder how his brother almost married her.

Finn and Hayden are complete opposites but had found themselves eventually falling in love. She ended up leaving town pregnant with his baby in 2017. She wrote and told him that she had a miscarriage, but then fans saw a baby bump that revealed at that time that she was lying. On Thursday, the baby was brought up by Finn as he was talking to Hayden. He wanted to talk about the child that they had lost, but she quickly changed the subject by saying it was time to move on.

General Hospital fans have been wondering what happened to the baby that Hayden was supposedly still carrying after she left town. All that is known since then is that she ended up in Rome where she met Jax. She is working on a project that involves him, and they have enjoyed some personal time together as well.

Now that Hayden Barnes has returned, there should be more slowly revealed about her pregnancy, her real relationship with Jax, and if she is still in love with Finn. There is sure to be plenty more drama coming your way on General Hospital with the surprising pairing of Hayden and Jax. Nina Reeves is expected to be thrown into the mix as well. Look for her curiosity to be piqued on Jax’s relationship with Ms. Barnes.