July 12, 2019
Fans Demanding This 'Jersey Shore' Star Just 'Shut Up'

After the premiere of the newest season of MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, fans are demanding that this cast member just "shut up" after a series of statements that put them in the hot seat with their fellow castmates during the show's emotional first episode.

Angelina Pivernick, who returned to the Jersey Shore family during the series' new season, appeared to have what fans called "no filter" as she made comment after comment that angered viewers. Angelina was booted from the original shore house in the show's first season because she didn't want to work at the Shore Store, a mandatory part of her living in the Jersey Shore home, as well as her constant altercations with the rest of her fellow castmates.

During the episode, Angelia regularly put her foot in her mouth, making statements that were not appropriate for the situation she was in at the time. She, Jenni Farley, Nicole Polizzi, and Deena Nicole Cortese accompanied Mike Sorrentino's then-fiancee Lauren to see her wedding dress in the debut episode. Prior to seeing Lauren in her dress for the first time, the women agreed not to talk about Mike's sentencing date at court, preferring to allow Lauren to have her time to shine as a bride even though the issue loomed large over the couple's wedding.

After Lauren came out of the dressing room, showing off her stunning wedding gown, Angelina stepped right in it by remarking that it had to be "crazy" planning a wedding around her soon-to-be husband's sentencing date, leading Jenni, Nicole, and Deena to shake their heads at her comment.

When the women were at Castle Couture bridal shop in New Jersey, she asked Jenni if it felt weird being in the same place she got her wedding dress for her nuptials to Roger Mathews, who Jenni later divorced.

Fans called for Angelina to be sent home due to her insensitivity and childish remarks during what appeared to be a tough time for the couple.

"Angelina has got to go!! Pleeeease. She. Brings. Nothing. Except for negativity, cruelty, and annoyance. Can't believe what she just said while Laurens was while trying on wedding gowns. Ugh. Rude. No entertainment value whatsoever," said a fan.

Another fan commented on the show's official Instagram, "Is it just me or does Angelina give me anxiety every time her mouth opens?"

While the reality star admitted during the episode she says things that might be considered insensitive, she also means no harm by her statements.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.