Emily Ratajkowski Shares Eagle-Eye View Of Tiny Bikini Bottoms

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Emily Ratajkowski often shares photos of herself in skimpy swimsuits and lingerie, but one of her newest posts showed her from an interesting camera angle. The photo, posted yesterday, showed Emily from an eagle-eye view as she lay on a blue beach towel. It was cropped in such a way that her tiny pink bikini bottoms were front and center, with part of her belly button showing, along with her upper thighs. The piece was from her Inamorata line, which is filled with sexy swimsuits that include both one-pieces and bikinis.

The color scheme from Emily’s Inamorata swimwear line appears to line up with her body line, which features casual body-wear. For example, the model shared a photo today of herself rocking a curve-hugging crop top with a front tie. The piece was a similar tone of pink as the bikini bottoms. Emrata matched the top with a dark black or gray pair of pants, and accessorized with a snakeskin print purse and cat-eye sunglasses.

In addition to the earth-tone pink, Ratajkowski spotlighted a brown tone in another recent post. The Instagram photo showed the model standing with her feet together, facing the camera straight on. Her hands were raised, as if she were caught mid-motion. She wore a brown crop tank and a long skirt, and was photographed in front of a backdrop of the same color.

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But while Ratajkowski is busy promoting her line of clothing and swimwear, she has been keeping her fans updated with non-business matters on her personal Instagram feed. This includes a snapshot of her daily outfit, which appears to be a photo that was taken by paparazzi. Emily wore a yellow dress with bright pink floral accents, and combined that with white sneakers. The model often sports dresses with sneakers, so it is likely we will see more of this combination in the coming weeks.

She previously explained more about what “Inamorata” means to her during an interview with Elle.

“It has the Rata in it, but it means female lover, or like muse. And the idea to me is that it’s not just like a man’s idea of a siren — you love yourself, right? So, you’re your own muse.”

Emily also got into the nitty gritty of self-love and self-acceptance.

“I think that everyone can be critical of their body, it doesn’t matter what you look like on Instagram. I think that confidence isn’t something that comes from what you see in the mirror, it’s about how you feel, as cheesy as that sounds,” she said.