Nina Agdal Poses In Nothing But Striped Bikini Bottoms For New Instagram Photo

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Sports Illustrated stunner Nina Agdal gave her fans a treat on Thursday when she took to Instagram and shared an alluring topless photo of herself on the cover of Hamptons Magazine. In the photo, the Danish beauty is wearing nothing but a pair of striped bikini bottoms and a wide-brimmed hat. Based on the comments section, it looks like he partial nudity has thrilled her fans.

“Absolutely beautiful,” wrote one fan.

“Style goals. I love this so much,” commented another.

In her interview with Hamptons, Agdal talks about what she does to keep her modelesque figure in shape when’s she’s in the area. She admitted that she isn’t much of a gym-goer when she’s in The Hamptons, opting to do home workouts or run.

Agdal added that the real secret to her exercise motivation is music.

“I give this trick to all my friends,” she continued. “I have one playlist of all my favorite songs that get me super hyped, and I listen to them only when I do cardio… so I have one playlist for running, and those songs are not on any other playlist.”

In a previous chat with The Coveteur, Agdal said that working out helps to calm her nerves so its like therapy for her. At the time she said that her go-to workouts were SLT — a combination of strength training and barre exercises — and SoulCycle.

Agdal also confessed to having a liking for golf, revealing that it helps her to “stay centered” because all you have to do when playing the sport is focus on hitting the ball. She also enjoys being surrounded by nature when she’s golfing, which likely helps her to relax as well.

Of course, dieting plays a big role in keeping anyone fit, especially a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue model. Agdal told Hamptons that she’s “mostly vegetarian,” although she admitted that she isn’t a stickler to the diet at all. She eats a lot of different types of food that you wouldn’t normally consider healthy, and she’s okay with that.

“I eat carbs. I eat pasta. I mostly eat whatever I want… and if I have a swimsuit shoot, I will cut out all animal protein—because I’ve seen for me it slims me down way faster than any other solution or diet,” she said.

It’s clear that the diet and exercise are working for her, based on the photos on her Instagram and the comments she receives from her adoring fans.