Bebe Rexha Wows In Tight Leathers & ‘Would You Go To Bed With Me?’ Top

Bebe Rexha attends the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Bebe Rexha is turning heads. The singer is currently in London, U.K., per photos obtained by The Daily Mail. The newspaper snapped the singer wowing as she took to the capital’s streets. While Bebe’s outfit wasn’t showing much skin, it wasn’t holding back on flaunting her sizzling curves.

Bebe appeared stylish, edgy, and sexy during her Thursday outing. The 29-year-old opted for an all-black outfit with hints of green and metallic flashes. The star came clad in a skintight pair of leggings, platform boots, and a loose T-shirt with “Would you go to bed with me?” written across it. Baggy as the tee was, it was far from frumpy. Bebe had accentuated her curvy waist with a black-and-silver belt. She paired the look with a statement pair of metal-studded shades, and photos showed the blonde both with and without the eyewear.

With snaps suggesting an air of confidence from a smile and a pout, it looked like the star was rearing to go.

Bebe’s confidence has been knocked as of late. A social media troll calling the singer “tubby” made major headlines last month after Bebe clapped back and found herself backed by singing sensation Demi Lovato, per The Inquisitr. Instead of choosing to ignore the individual, Bebe responded. She acknowledged having gained some weight of late. The singer’s support from Lovato came with powerful and heartfelt words.

“You are GORGEOUS, strong, authentic, and an inspiration to me and so many. Thank you for being you you BEAUTIFUL, beautiful woman,” Demi wrote.

Bebe seems to harness mentalities that center around self-acceptance. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, the singer has spoken out about her mindset.

“I think as long as you’re honest with yourself, there’s nothing else to lose, because at least you’re being real with yourself.”

She did, however, admit that her own mother isn’t always a fan of her music.

As The Daily Mail reports, Bebe’s body-shaming incident came with a follow-up. Bebe took to social media following the incident with an unedited bikini photo of herself.

“I probably should of photoshopped my stomach and made it look flat. I probably should of photoshopped my legs to make them look thinner. I probably should of made myself look taller and Smoothed my legs,” accompanied the photo.

Bebe’s career seems to be gaining momentum. Her Instagram following is climbing, and she appears to have been snapped up for endorsement potential. Restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe recently used Bebe for a paid feature.

Fans would likely agree that Bebe looked sensational today.