‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Coby Ryan McLaughlin Teases He’s ‘Not Particularly’ Worried About Shiloh’s Future

Coby Ryan McLaughlin and Kelly Monaco portray Shiloh and Sam on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

Actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin has been playing Shiloh for several months now and he is clearly having a blast with this gig on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Shiloh won’t be backing away from the drama anytime soon and now Coby is opening up about the experience.

McLaughlin chatted with ABC Soaps in Depth and teased a few potential General Hospital spoilers. He joked about how he swears he isn’t a creep in real life, but he admits he is thrilled that viewers have come to hate Shiloh so intensely.

Despite all of that hate and all of Shiloh’s bad deeds, Coby doesn’t believe that his character is beyond redemption. The actor also said that he thinks Shiloh wants to be a better person but tends to let his insecurities dominate his decision-making.

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Shiloh won’t be winning people in Port Charles over anytime soon. In fact, all signs point toward his list of enemies growing even longer. His charm has usually helped him get whatever he wanted, but he may not be able to lean on that personality trait any longer.

Coby admits that he thinks “it’s cool” when he gets to play Shiloh “off his leash a bit.”

“His vindictiveness and pain run so deep, he’s got a huge need for validation, and he’s so egomaniacal. That’s going to be his downfall.”

Despite all of the drama that surrounds the character of Shiloh, there remains a lot of mystery in terms of his former relationship with Drew. Will viewers ever get answers about what happened between the two men before Drew lost his memory? General Hospital spoilers have suggested that this will become a key component of the storyline soon.

“Shiloh respects Drew and is his most honest when he’s with him… And even though he has an immense amount of love for Drew, when it all hits the fan, Shiloh’s still going to want to come out on top.”

General Hospital spoilers detail that Shiloh’s determination to find his child will continue to drive his actions, no matter what it means to anybody else. People in Port Charles keep thinking they finally have what it will take to take the Dawn of Day leader down, but they definitely should not count him out yet.

Fans have been speculating for a while now that all of this may be leading to a “whodunnit” storyline. If someone were to get rid of Shiloh, the PCPD would have their work cut out for them in pinning down the culprit.

So far, however, General Hospital spoilers signal that Shiloh isn’t going anywhere yet. McLaughlin definitely makes it sound as if he’s still filming now and he teases that he’s not all that worried about the future of his character.

“I do wonder what they’re going to do with him. But I’m so focused on making what I have delicious that I don’t really think about it. I’m having a blast.”

SheKnows Soaps teases General Hospital spoilers relating to Shiloh that run through at least July 19 and new teasers should emerge soon. Shiloh thinks that things are really falling into place for him, especially with Oscar’s will giving him voting shares of ELQ. However, toward the end of next week, he’ll find himself feeling frustrated and impatient.

Are viewers on the right track thinking that Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s character of Shiloh will soon be permanently eliminated? Is there any possible way to rehabilitate the Dawn of Day leader? General Hospital spoilers have hinted that big bombshells about the baby swap storyline are on the horizon and fans cannot wait to see how this all plays out.