Mandy Moore Shares Sneak Peek At ’70s-Themed First Scene From ‘This Is Us’ Season 4

The 'This Is Us' star teases Jack and Rebecca's pre-Big Three days.

Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack Pearson
Ron Batzdorff / NBC

The 'This Is Us' star teases Jack and Rebecca's pre-Big Three days.

This Is Us fans are getting a first look at the first scene of the show’s upcoming fourth season, and it’s all thanks to Mandy Moore. Two months before the hit drama series is set to return to NBC, the actress who plays Pearson matriarch Rebecca posted a sneak peek to Instagram as she and her TV husband Milo Ventimiglia (Jack Pearson) shot the very first scene of the new season.

Based on Moore’s photo—and Ventimiglia’s lack of facial hair—it’s clear that the new season will kick off in the 1970s era. If Ventimiglia’s clean-shaven face isn’t enough of a tipoff, Moore’s crocheted, floral top and 70s style, dangling earrings are a dead giveaway that fans will be transported back to Jack and Rebecca’s pre-Big Three era. Moore captioned the photo by telling fans that “mom and dad” Pearson are back, and she confirmed that she and Ventimiglia were shooting the first scene of Season 4.

It should be noted that Mandy Moore Looks much better in the Season 4 sneak peek photo than she did when This Is Us fans last saw her ailing, elderly character on her deathbed in the final seconds of the Season 3 finale.

In addition to Moore’s photo, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman tweeted a still from the first day back on the set of the NBC hit, revealing that the cast was working on episode 55 of the series, which traditionally airs 18 episodes per season. Fogelman also noted that Moore and Ventimiglia are still really good at their jobs, in case anyone had their doubts.

Day 1, Season 4, Episode 55.

Update: These two are still REALLY good at their jobs. #ThisIsUs

— Dan Fogelman (@Dan_Fogelman) July 9, 2019

There is no word on the title for the first This Is Us season 4 episode, but at a Popsugar panel last month, Moore told the audience that the first episode of the fourth season will explore the early days of Jack and Rebecca Pearson’s relationship. Moore also teased a major surprise in the Season 4 premiere that she says will blindside viewers, according to CNN.

“There is a big surprise in that first episode that people are not going to see coming. We get to live back in Jack and Rebecca’s early ’70s days after they come back to Pittsburgh from their road trip in California… It’s the land of hats and fun ’70s jewelry.”

In an interview with Deadline, Dan Fogelman previously revealed that Season 4 of This Is Us will be about “new beginnings and restarts,” but it looks like viewers will go back to the past before they’ll see the Pearsons’ future.

This Is Us Season 4 premieres Tuesday, Sept. 24 on NBC.