Strip Club Calls Off Tournament At Trump-Owned Golf Course

The Trump Doral golf course
Joe Raedle / Getty images

A South Florida strip club called the Shadow Cabaret earlier this week began promoting a charity golf tournament at the Trump National Doral golf resort near Miami, per The Inquisitr. The club is owned by President Donald Trump’s Trump Organization.

In its promotion, the “Shadow All Star Tournament” used both the Trump name and logos in its promotions and was going to charge $450 for a single golfer and go up to $1,600 for a foursome. Strippers from the club were set to serve as “caddy girls.”

The tournament was to benefit an area nonprofit charity called Miami All Stars. However, the tournament is now off, after the nonprofit bailed on it, Talking Points Memo reported Wednesday.

“Forget about it. We’re not going to participate,” Carlos Alamilla, Miami All Stars’ executive director, told the website. “I didn’t know there was a strip tease club involved in this.”

He added that when he first agreed to the event, he wasn’t aware that the Shadow Cabaret was an adult establishment, even though he had had multiple phone calls and one in-person meeting with the strip club’s director of marketing.

“You can’t mix kids with sex,” the organizer told Talking Points Memo. “It just doesn’t jibe.”

CNN reported that after the nonprofit backed out, the Trump Organization cancelled the event altogether. The strip club’s director of marketing, Emanuele Mancuso, told CNN that Trump Doral had no involvement with the proposed event, with the exception of agreeing to rent out the facility. She added that while the “caddy girls” were not to be nude during the tournament, the event was meant to adjourn afterward to a “very tasteful” burlesque show at the strip club itself.

Miami All Stars’ website describes them as “a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Florida and its goal is to promote the game of basketball and provide services to youngsters in fitness, nutrition and education with an emphasis on sportsmanship, leadership, respect, positive mental attitude, nutrition, self-esteem and attend School on a regular basis.”

The site also says that Alamilla was given a Junior NBA Coach of the Year Award.

When Trump was elected president, he announced that he was giving up day-to-day management of the Trump Organization and handing control over to his two oldest sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. The president, however, has spent a great deal of time as president at his hotels and resorts.