July 10, 2019
Bernie Sanders, 'RuPaul's Drag Race', And Chick-Fil-A Celebrate Cow Appreciation Day

Yesterday, Cow Appreciation Day was officially celebrated. Although this is an annual event, every day should be spent cherishing the world's bovine population, according to some humans who never discount cattle on any level.

Take Bernie Sanders. The senator posted a throwback Twitter picture on July 9 of a younger version of himself, crouching down to get photographed bonding with a sweet calf.

Also yesterday, RuPaul's Drag Race featured a special performance done to Monique Heart's "Brown Cow Stunning."

Last but not least, as a big part of the annual Cow Appreciation Day on Tuesday, Chick-Fil-A gave away free chicken. Their slogan for July 9 was "Dress Like Me—Git Chikin Free."

Although black-and-white Holsteins appeared to be Chick-Fil-A customers' cow of choice as their way to cash in on Chick-Fil-A's free chicken giveaway, all kinds of cows were included in the general celebration, as seen across all social media platforms. Just so city slickers who have never sidled up to one of these gentle giants know, Brown Swiss, Guernseys, Scottish Highlands, Jerseys are just a few of the different cow breeds.

Meanwhile, there's a lot more to know about cows.

For instance, these big guys are known to form close friendships with one another for life. They are very intelligent, possess problem-solving skills, and they are sweet and gentle. As The Humane League posted on Twitter, they "don't deserve to suffer in factory farms."

In additional, cows love to rest and will lie down between five to ten times each day, per a tweet by Switzerland Tourism.

Other cow facts indicate that these lovely animals can't see either red or green, they remain pregnant for nine months just like humans, and they always face a magnetic pole when at rest or when grazing, as detailed by another tweet from The Humane League during last year's Cow Appreciation Day.
Cows are also amazing in a number of other ways, according to Mother Nature Network.
"With those vacuous big eyes, galumphing gate and generally lazy-seeming demeanor, cows don't get credit for much beyond providing the milk and meat that much of the world relies on. But in truth, there's a lot more to cattle than just a bunch of Bessies sitting around chewing their cud."
For instance, their moos differ due to a variety of accents, and they have the astounding ability to smell something that is up to six miles away.
"When scientists mapped out the bovine genome in 2009, they discovered that cattle have about 22,000 genes; 80 percent of their genes are shared with humans," the source also contends.

Also, like dogs, cows are down for a good rubdown, be that "on the head, neck or back."

On another front, cows are the subject of a variety of silly puns.

"As it's #Coosday and #CowAppreciationDay (in case you haven't herd), we've create an amoosing photo quiz. Which udderly-beautiful historic places are these coos chewing the cud at?" was one example, posted on Twitter on Tuesday by Historic Scotland.

The answer seems moo-oot, but if you want to play along, click the source link to find out how pundits weighed in for this cow-tastic query.

And so, as the 2019 Cow Appreciation Day is over for another year -- and after many thoughts about how cows operate have been brought forth -- don't forget that Bernie Sanders, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Chick-Fil-A made this year's celebration absolutely moo-velous (insert groan here) with their individual contributions.