Jenna Jameson Shows Off Insane 80-Pound Weight Loss In Tight Bikini

Jenna Jameson at the Nicholai 2008 Fashion Show at The Tent in Bryant Park during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
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Jenna Jameson is looking absolutely incredible. The 45-year-old adult entertainment star once weighed 205 pounds, per The Inquisitr. Jenna’s latest Instagram update seems to be proving that she’s kept the weight off.

The mother of three took to the platform on Wednesday. Her sexy bikini update came with a wowing body, a fun look, and an honest caption keeping fans updated on where things stand.

The photo showed Jenna sunning herself on a blue-padded lounger overlooking construction work. Jenna herself was taking center stage, though. The blonde was lying on her front and propping herself up with her elbows. Jenna was sending out her sizzling body in a tiny, tight bikini. The two-piece wasn’t quite matching with its black upper and nautical-striped lowers, but Jenna didn’t seem fussed. The star appeared a touch pensive as she stared into the distance from behind a pair of shades. Quite what Jenna might have been pondering over was hinted at in her “confession” caption.

Despite admissions of having gotten “lazy,” Jenna’s physique didn’t seem reflective of it. Fans could see the American’s super-muscly legs, pert booty, and toned arms. Likewise on show were Jenna’s flat stomach and golden tan. With a face seemingly makeup-free and a simple ponytail, the picture seemed to show Jenna channeling the natural lifestyle that she’s known for embracing.

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Ok guys… confession time. Since moving to Hawaii, I’ve stopped #intermittentfasting ???? I guess I just got lazy. I can feel the difference in my mental clarity. Definitely not as sharp and a lot less focused. I just started back fasting this weekend, and it’s definitely hard to jump back on the wagon! My stomach rumbles so loud it wakes Batel ???? but within a few days of fasting 16:8 I’ve noticed a flatter tummy and tighter skin, not to mention better concentration. So if you’re wondering wether or not intermittent fasting is for you… I highly recommend it! Edit- I fast from 6pm-11am. I drink water tea or black coffee during my fasting hours. #keto #ketodiet #hawaii #biohacking #fitmom #weightloss #weightlossjourney

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Jameson shed the weight via ketosis. The fat-burning diet that’s low on carbs is a popular one – Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian has just embarked on the diet for the second time. For Jenna, it’s a lifestyle. Her updates mention the ketosis way of life via captions and hashtags – Jenna even lists her favorite keto-friendly Amazon products.

Jenna made major headlines earlier this year. A side-by-side Instagram photo showing her weight before and after the transformation proved popular for being both impressive and brave. It came with a caption mentioning the numbers on the scale.

“This is 205 vs. 125 both perfectly happy… but only one of these is healthy! I’m so thankful to #ketofor giving me my life back! Please visit my amazon keto list the link is in my bio! It’s super helpful when it comes to figuring out snacks and secrets to staying in ketosis!”

Jenna welcomed her third child Batel in April 2017. Followers of this star’s Instagram will know that she comes as a dedicated mother. Be it via posts or Instagram stories, Jenna and Batel regularly feature together.

Less about the baby and more about the dieting, Jenna still had plenty of reasons to update yesterday.