Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Flaunts Perfect Physique In A Black Bikini

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Fitness queen Ainsley Rodriguez has one of the most amazing bodies on Instagram. In order to garner her fans’ appreciation and to motivate them towards a healthy lifestyle, the model posts bikini pictures of herself almost every week.

The current week has been no exception, as the 28-year-old hottie took to her page and wowed her 1.9 million fans with a bikini picture — one that instantly heated up her Instagram page.

Wearing a barely-there black bikini, the model stood in front of a mirror and clicked a selfie. In the snap, the model showed off her perfect abs, perky breasts, as well as her extremely well-toned legs — a move that left everyone’s jaws dropped.

The model tied her hair into a sleek, high ponytail but it couldn’t be ascertained whether she wore any makeup or not because she held the phone right in front of her face.

Per the geotag, the snap was captured in Miami, Florida, where the model lives. Within a day of going live, the snap amassed almost 50,000 likes and close to 1,300 comments which shows that Ainsley is extremely popular on the photo-sharing website.

Ainsley wrote a long, motivational caption where she informed her fans that although she tries her best to make fitness seem as simple, seamless and easy as possible, it actually requires a lot of hard work and dedication and is NOT easy (her emphasis).

She shared her own experience and explained that she has undergone various ups and downs to reach her fitness goals and encouraged her fans never to give up even when they start doubting themselves.

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You can. I know I do my best to try to make this fitness thing seem as seamless, simple and ‘easy’ as possible but the truth is it’s NOT easy. It’s not easy to shift the patterns you’ve been accustomed to for so long. It’s not easy to get up and not hit the snooze button. Hell, my personal battle has been over a decade of ups and downs and I’m STILL learning and correcting course along the way. This journey isn’t just about ’working out’ and ‘eating right’. It's about life - finding, growing and learning. This is about progress, growth, overcoming doubt, fears and the voices in your head telling you, you can't and proving you will. This is about enhancing your self esteem, worth and finally believing in yourself. To everyone who consistently doubts themselves or is dealing with anything unfortunate in their life right now - YOU ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW. You are so much more capable than you know. There WILL be bad days and days that totally suck where you’re down or can’t find the motivation - just remember that the bad days don’t last forever and what’s important is that you keep pushing forward. You CAN do this and you will. Keep pushing boundaries, shattering ceilings and working towards a greater version of yourself and remember, YOU are a continuous source of inspiration. ????????

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“Baby, you look beautiful. My concern is how common people, without time, [can spend] eight hours per day in a gym to look like you,” one person questioned.

“Love this [message] so much! A great reminder to keep going, even during the bad days,” another one commented.

While a third fan said that he is the model’s number one fan and has been religiously following her account.

According to an article by Six Pack Factory, When Ainsley stepped into the gym for the very first time, she immediately realized that she had found her true passion.

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????When I first began changing my habits and diet for the sake of my health (not my physical appearance), I realized how AMAZING we were all designed to feel. Ive seen the light and I want to spread it as far as I can so everyone else can feel better too. I’ve spent so much time and energy showing others what they CAN do & what they SHOULD do, BUT the truth is I have almost zero power or control over anyone but myself. . People - including you and I - only change when a fire is lit deep within them; when they want it so badly they’re willing to take the consistent steps only THEY can choose to wake up every day and take. For me - I just got to my breaking point where I was FED UP! I tossed in the towel to my self-sabotaging habits and thoughts and every time those thoughts or patterns crept up I reminded myself it wasn’t worth it. . I can give you all the advice in the world but I can’t be there to cook you breakfast in the morning, shove kale down your throat or to drag you to the gym. Your power lies with changing YOURSELF first. When you respect YOURSELF enough to keep showing up for your goals even when it’s not easy - THATS when it all clicks. . You have to be motivated from the INSIDE and leave everyone else out of the equation. Long term weight loss and lifestyle changes occur because you love yourself and want yourself to feel good. It doesn't come from hating yourself and wanting to be different. Everyones bodies, schedules and lifestyles are different. It doesn't matter what someone else did to lose weight or what diet they were on. All of my clients react differently to different types of food and exercise but I can tell you the one thing that will inevitably cause weight gain is STRESS! I don't care if you're eating broccoli or chocolate cake. If you're worried about it, it's not going to end well. Stop sending out desperate energy. Stop focusing on what you DONT have and release resistance to the current weight. Commit to YOU! ????????

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She started working out as a hobby but it quickly turned into a habit. After a while, it became a full-blown lifestyle for her. The model also described her daily fitness routine and said the following.

“Glutamine and breakfast as soon as I wake up! After that, I’ll go to work, hit the gym and then come home to try to relax, answer emails and get my meals prepped for the next day. Preparation is the key to success!”