‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenzie McKee’s ‘Bikini Competition’ Body Is Straight-Up Insane

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Mackenzie McKee might best be known for her Teen Mom 3 appearance, but this fitness model is something else. The career that’s now included in her Instagram bio comes with a body to match and Mackenzie’s latest update has offered fans a reminder of it.

Earlier today, Mackenzie updated her account. A gym selfie came with a mention of the “show” she recently attended. As fans will know, Mackenzie participated in a bikini competition last month. The Inquisitr chronicled the 24-year-old’s own documentation of the event.

Mackenzie may not have been wearing the glittery red-and-white bikini today, but she wasn’t hiding the fact that her body is straight-up insane. This muscle machine was showcasing her killer quads and toned arms in a relaxed gym outfit. Tight black shorts were sending out the mother of three’s built legs. Meanwhile, a red t-shirt offered hints of Mackenzie’s strong arms. With plenty of gym equipment in the background, this was a workout selfie that was showing how Mackenzie achieves her frame.

Today’s update didn’t just come with a fit blonde showing off her body. Rather, it came with an admission that seemed honest, humble, and down-to-earth. Mackenzie had taken to her caption to admit feeling somewhat depressed after the competition. Likewise mentioned was the Type 1 diabetes that proves a daily battle for the star.

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Post show blues is a real thing let me tell ya. It’s REALLY a real thing when your body is as brittle as a 500 year old china cup being put through a tornado. My body saw a bite of normal food and I was sick for a solid 2 weeks. Every day I wake up and I’m trying to gain my strength back, level my sugars out, find myself, and get back on my grind. I never ever want to take a week off from the gym and enjoy holiday food with family AGAIN. I love structure, i love the life style I live, and I love the gym ????????‍♀️... I teach my clients balance, but balance does not exist for me ???? some days I just want to live like a normal human, but that is not an option. Some days are harder than others, I am slowly learning to accept type 1 diabetes. I honestly don’t mind all daily needles and pokes, but being sick is miserable. Anyways, it’s been a rough two weeks. But nothing will stop me, I’m finding my fire, I’m pushing through, and I’m climbing to the top when they said I couldn’t. To anyone watching who lives with an illness that is an everyday fight, you will love mountains, DONT STOP. I’m ready to sit back with a fresh clean journal and write my dreams out. Hang tight people, I’m coming ????

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Mackenzie also mentioned feeling fragile following being unwell. Given that this plucky fitness fiend has participated in a race since her competition, it looks like she comes with all the dedication in the world.

Mackenzie’s bikini competition updates came with the captions that Mackenzie is known for. While a lengthy one (seen below) showed elements of low self-esteem and fans appeared a touch worried, the star seemed undeterred by negative responses. She even took the time to reply to concerns. That said, other captions from the event did suggest that the bikini modeling industry was taking its toll and Mackenzie’s focus on her shape did seem a touch intense.

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Ok peeps show is over. I have worked until I have nearly passed out daily. 3 hours a day I have dedicated to muscle growth and my physique. My body did much better before I got my tubes tied and I walked into this day feeling like I worked 10x harder than I look. There were 12 of us and I did not place top 5 like I wanted. I nearly broke down in tears and stayed after to get the judges feed back because you never know what they were looking for. They told me I am awesome on stage and present myself well, I also carry a lot of muscle which I was so happy to hear. So when I asked why I didn’t place they said “o you also carry a lot of fat” ???? with how hard I’ve worked and how hungry I am from eating so strict that was hard to hear. Idk what i can do to keep my muscle and get this fat off of my butt but that’s what they say stood between me and the top placements. . I’m simply built like a tree trunk muscle head ????. I also talked to the first place winner and she said “I competed last week and didn’t place top 5 but looked just like this so you NEVER know how they judge” So that eased my mind. But I worked hard, had fun, and one day I’ll have a trophy in my hand.

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“Did not bring in the package i wanted to today. I’m a bit bummed. My body has held onto fat like crazy. Thank you insulin and thank you hormones. But I did the dang thing and ready to shred shred for the next show”

This super-fit star doesn’t appear unhealthy, though. Mackenzie comes with strength as well as curves. She also looks incredible as a mother of three.

Today seemed to offer some self-reflection and base-touching for Mackenzie. For her fans though, it was just another reminder of her insane body.